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Game Of Thrones Finale thoughts (SPOILERS)


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How did you guys all feel about the ending? Im not gonna spoil it and if ya can more so talk about your feelings about it. Your past with the show. How you got into it and your journey along the years (if you have been watching for years)

I caught up with the first 3 to 4 seasons by myself on hbo in less then a few weeks. Then i would watch every ep with my dad when new eps came out. Something nice we have/had in common to do. I loved the show along the way. Wrote many stories for school about medieval stuff. I mean i LOVED Skyrim but game of thrones was Skyrim but no magic (or very little of it) and more death and such. I try to look at everything with a positive outlook. My dad the whole time for the last 4 eps has been saying its shit and such. I try to keep positive and defend the show. But i feel like the ending robbed me blind. I'm not angry yet. ( As of typing this after the new ep) I mostly feel disappointed and betrayed and empty. Now i don't have much to watch other then Attack on titan (Thankfully season 3 PT 2 is airing every Sunday) I'm not gonna say that "No show can replace Game of thrones" Cuz if i did i would be lying. I don't like to do that. But i do however feel it will have a place in my heart for a long time. But thankfully the books go a different way. I do kinda wish we could have gotten the end of harry potter type of thing where its X years later and such. But thats not GOT and i know that. (That's me trying to be optimistic) Please feel free to tell your stories down below.



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3 minutes ago, Flare Chaser said:

Ok. Now explain?  Tell us why you think that and how you came to that? Im not disagreeing with ya. Just lets hear your 

Bran becomes king? The most resident sleeper charecter, who has zero emotions becoming king with nothing leading up to it, you give jon the name of aegon targareayn for what purpose? Only to end whre it all began for him. None of it makes any sense just hoping the prequels will be fire

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I'm pretty certain Jon Snow's sentencing was just to get him beyond the wall where he would be safe, he even questions it asking if the nights watch was still a thing and told tyrion he would probably never see him again. Once he arrives it is occupied by wildlings which he leaves with to go beyond the wall bringing with him all he has left.

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