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NBA and thunder fans thread

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In addition to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and all of their own picks going forward to build with, OKC now has the following picks...

2020 Nuggets 1st Rd Pick (top 10 protected)
2021 Heat 1st Rd Pick
2021 Rockets 1st Rd Swap (OKC gets higher of the two picks)
2022 Clippers 1st Rd Pick
2023 Clippers 1st Rd Swap (OKC gets higher of the two picks)
2023 Heat 1st Rd Pick (top 14 protected)
2024 Clippers 1st Rd Pick
2024 Rockets 1st Rd Pick
2025 Clippers/Rockets 1st Rd Swap (OKC gets highest of the three picks)
2026 Clippers 1st Rd Pick
2026 Rockets 1st Rd Pick

This is so smart. People are saying stuff like "the tear down is easier than the build up", but this is exactly the right time to tear down. So many other teams are going all in after seeing how diminished the Warriors are due to injury. It's a seller's market right now, Presti was in a great position to sell and he's now got OKC playing the longest of long games. There's a real chance that they could be picking 2-3 times in the lottery for two out of four years. 


This offseason has been absolutely insane


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I'm a thunder fan and am going to cry for the next couple of years.

But in the long run it's a good move they got a ton of picks off of two players.

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Hopefully they do something with the picks.

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