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Can't add scopes to ak-12

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Just now, ItsFevver said:

K first off, double tap c


second off this is gonna get taken down by an admin because this was settled you need to buy the dlc because everyone else can buy scopes.  Or clear your fucking inv



Mk-1 is a slow firing trash piece of shit

1 minute ago, GravL said:

just use an mk



15 minutes ago, Bag Of Funyuns said:

Shut the fuck up retard

Stay mad kiddo

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12 minutes ago, Sean That Irish Guy said:

Nothing wrong with the gun or scope, stop posting shit.


The only way to acquire a scope is through purchasing it with a weapon. You can put scopes onto the ak-12 at the moment only through purchasing another weapon, buying a scope, taking off the scope from the weapon, then attaching it to an ak-12 manually.

Screen shot doesn't prove me wrong in the slightest. You're also in your faggy little house with storage crates with ak12s and scopes already attached. 

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Just now, tom said:

for once the retard is right... 


Was just about to post a video of this, it's genuinely bugged. Even after dropping the weapon, only way to buy another scope after is to buy a different weapon. It'll just keep eating your money.


@Landon1 you should definitely do things the right way and make a bug report instead of making 2 posts on the forums bitching with little to no information on what is even happening, even after one of them was locked.

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