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Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal Event | AUG 3rd


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The APD have captured Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal. He is being detained at one of the APD's Processing Facilities. During in-processing the phone lines go down. The APD need to contact higher authorities to seek further guidance on his charges and sentencing. They know that other criminals of Asylum want his bounty so they can turn him in for a reward at prison.

Scenario/Events: Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal is being held at an APD Processing Facility. The APD are heavily barricaded and armored. They need to contact higher authorities but their phone lines are down. Attempt to secure him from the APD before the phone lines are repaired. Asylum's most wanted criminal cannot be sent to jail if Rebels are within the compound. Reinforcements cannot be called with Rebels in the compound. Once Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal is secured you will have to turn him in at the laptop in the Prison Barracks. Beware of removing him from the compound without a plan because his ankle bracelet will notify the APD of his escape and they will immediately send all available reinforcements. If the rebels of Asylum cannot secure him from the APD then he will be sent to Prison. If you break him out of prison he will take you to his gang headquarters and reward you for his rescue from prison. If a prison has been done and cannot be initiated a timer will be started once rebels have gained custody of the Prison Compound to simulate a prison.




  • May down/lethal anyone approaching the APD Processing Facility.
  • Must remain inside the APD Processing Facility at all times when Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal is in APD custody.
  • If Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal is secured by rebels and escorted outside of the Processing Facility the APD must attempt to regain custody at all costs. APD officers no longer have a life limit rule after he is removed from the Processing facility. Rebels still attacking the Processing Facility are of no interest to the APD.
  • Responsible for tracking own lives. If you are caught abusing your given lives at the Processing Facility you will be banned accordingly.
  • Cops that die and are returning to the Processing Facility shall not stop outside to engage attackers. They must make a significant effort to return to the cop ranks before engaging attackers. Officers can shoot once you reach a gate.


  • Must initiate on all players besides the APD that are attacking the APD Processing Facility or the people in direct custody/general vicinity of Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal.
  • If you are in custody/general vicinity of Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal you are considered a threat and will not need to be initiated on.
  • No explosives are to be used on armored APD vehicles.
  • Server rules not altered by this post are still being enforced.
  • Bank/Federal Reserve/Evidence Lockup are not allowed during the event. (Don't test this)


  • Continue on as normal.




  • Prevent rebels from securing Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal and send him to jail. Prevent them from breaking him out of Prison.


  • Secure Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal from the APD and deliver him to the laptop in the Prison Barracks.
  • Break Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal out of Prison if the APD are able to hold out and send him.


  • You cannot win the event. Get some revives in.




  • You will find the delivery truck of Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal. Seizing its contents will help improve the quality of life for the APD. (Scaled per how many cops are on)


  • DELIVERING HIM TO PRISON: Your gang will be given cash from Asylum's Prison Keeper (Scaled to how many civs are in the winning group)
  • RESCUING HIM FROM PRISON: You will be taken to Asylum's Most Wanted Criminal's gang headquarters and given the keys to his delivery truck. Its contents will make you rich. You must be within the prison compound/very immediate vicinity to get a reward if the Prison Break is successful. (Scaled to how many civs are in the winning group)


  • No rewards. Get some revives in.



  • He will not be able to be downed/killed. (If you walk up to him and ask him to follow you he will but you must be directly next to him.)
  • His location will be marked constantly on your map.
  • He will be located in the APD Processing Facility at the start of the event.
  • If he is ever left alone he will attempt to flee at all costs.
  • If he happens to gain custody of a vehicle it must be disabled in order to stop him.
  • He cannot be loaded into a helicopter.
  • He must not be restrained.
  • Most recent mugshot:




  • This is a trial event. I will tweak and try to make it better each time.
  • Participation is not required. Don't complain if you lose something by participating.
  • No event is ever fully fair. Nobody cares if you cry about it.
  • If you lose something from a server violation or a violation of one of the rules stated above then submit a support ticket. Do not complain in game about it. If you do repeatedly you will just be banned and you can come talk about it at a later date.
  • If you actually have feedback that is useful then message Rogue on discord. If you spam dumb information there you will be banned.







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