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eazy:( lil bad music

issues running cod

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14 minutes ago, GO7NEY said:

The game runs like shit. Probably intended so that people buy RTX cards.

Image result for conspiracy meme

Running on a 1070ti no issues. Although I do have 32gb of ram


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5 hours ago, Wop said:

how much ram you have.  I have the same problem but bc  I have 8 gb.  I think it would be fine with 16gb.  How much you guys have?


4 hours ago, eazy:( said:

i have 8

I've got 16, game constantly uses 9-12gbs on my system. 

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1 hour ago, Wop said:

How does it run for you?

It runs fairly well. The only problems I have are CPU related, only have a Ryzen 2200g (4/4) @ 3.85. Memory isn't a problem nor is GPU. The game looks smooth to me too as I've enabled my FreeSync to go along with my 1050ti. I get around 40-60 frames on Ground War, but the game sometimes crashes because it wants to eat more CPU than I have. Oh well, should have not cheeped out on my CPU xd. 

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