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When was this coming out

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I will make a post about the details when they're final. Some revisions might need to be made. The biggest detail here is this, they are not skin based right now. All stuff that's currently in them for ingame are all stock assets. Maybe in the future we could add some various skins there. But I'd rather the skin space be used at levels that are a bit more realistic for a majority to obtain. But ya never know!

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Just now, Patato said:

Too busy looking to hire an SQF coder to make him somthing so he can slap his name on and say he made it

Yeah man lemme call up my ghost SQF writer.

6 minutes ago, Mason Statham said:

@Infamous [FULL SEND] it's been two hours and you're yet to comment something you ok?

Not cus im celebrating my bday or something like that

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