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Good Luck Running Uranium

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19 minutes ago, DinKleberg? said:

Rumor has it if you say @Lucien's name three times in the mirror, he will pop up and lethal you right away

rumor has it even when @Rodrigo is in an orca flying he’ll still find a way to shoot you in the back







Edited by eazy:( lil bad music

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1 hour ago, Sheriff Rick said:

All is see in that picture is simps and groomers.

ill remember that when i'm processing you with Corporal Lucien no half tickets. 

Lucien likes this

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2 hours ago, eazy:( lil bad music said:

there friends, how is that kneepadding?

someones mad they couldnt get far in a online police force :(

I haven't been a cop in like two or three years lmao.  It's boring and the APD is a cringe fest.  They're not sending their best.

Edited by Sheriff Rick

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