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Infamous [FULL SEND]

Infamous's Flight School [For new Players]

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Are you a new player who wants to make some money? or even an old player who cant fly planes but wants to learn? well infamous's flight school is the place to start, a simple to use scenario to practice flying planes, and landing at all the drug runner locations from every angle.

to start off go to the steam workshop and subscribe to this 

once subscribed go to the scenarios tab

it will then bring you to this page 

if you have the option to restart scenario before playing I suggest you do
once you're in the scenario read the popup
shift+o is earplugs
F1 is to open the admin menu
make sure you land below 200kph

Change logs 
scenario was created
bug fixes

no need to shit post gamers this is for people who want to learn not people who want to talk shit to me

Edited by Infamous [FULL SEND]

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