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Asylum Stimulus Check

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23 minutes ago, Infamous [FULL SEND] said:

This bull shit dont matter, sorry "we will give 50% because we are retarded and dont think you deserve full comp"


12 minutes ago, Robert said:



2 hours ago, Sheriff Rick said:

Fuck off and give us money for our programs

Banned from Comp for 6 months.



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2 hours ago, Clint Beastwood said:



Banned from Comp for 6 months.



Sir I haven't made a request for years either.  My suggestion was about hackers and ddosing rather than losing stuff from RDM or people's shit getting VDMed.  Everyone has suffered from the aforementioned events, which is why the stimulus check would be logical. 

It's like all the people getting $1200 even if they weren't affected, rather than someone that has coronavirus going through some bullshit paperwork to receive "compensation".

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