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000 Service


000 Service is a business that supplies players with recurring in-game objectives/jobs that will give the players involved a payout. We are trying to create fun and attractive scenarios for players without making them leave their gang or playstyle. This is also useful for days when management is not online. We need a large player base to increase the chances of players spotting jobs that management posts. This service allows you to play your way and choose to be hired for a job that is fun and makes you money when it is convenient for you. If you would like to become any of the roles listed below, please PM me for discord details.


  1. Contractors - Players willing to be hired to complete a job given out by management. These players do not have to leave their gang, group, community… etc. Contractors will simply be given a “contractor” role in discord which grants them the ability to see jobs that are posted. These jobs will include payment for equipment that is required, payment once the job is complete and details on the specific job. Depending on the risk of the job, payment may be given once the job is complete. These jobs include but are limited to: Security, kill or capture HVT(s), espionage, bank/fed robberies, farming.


  1. Clients - Players who need a job done. We usually will require a form of payment. As long as the job you need done is not a waste of time, your job will be put out to our contractors.


  1. Management - Players who are willing to find clients/contractors, organize jobs, provide internal security...etc. These players can also be trusted contractors/clients that will be given first dibs on jobs; especially jobs of hire risk. This is to help eliminate “rats” in the job. This role will require you to join the in-game gang.


*The reason to choose our job instead of doing it without our management involved is to allow players who don’t have a gang/money to do the job on their own the chance to be involved and have fun. This allows other players who are in gangs to have fun even when their gang isn’t on. This also allows you to have recurring fun and increase the likelihood of you having something to do when there is nothing else to do in-game.


*If a “rat” is involved and ruins a job, compensation may be given if it is required as well as the banning/removal of the contracted rat. 


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