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Bounty Hunter restrain timer

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Today while playing bounty Hunter now that you have to take your bounties to a skip tracer because courthouse doesn't seem to be working we ran into issues with getting into a firefight against multiple bounties and by the time we restrain them and get them to the nearest skip tracer to turn them in the 10-minute timer would hit so can we do something to maybe have talents in the bounty Hunter tree to increase with restrain timer or something to address this issue.

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I can see your frustration with being able to transport, but it really comes down to prioritizing. Your goal should be to get a target to a skiptracer immediately and without stopping. The longer you have them with you, the higher risk you take. You also have to look at it from their perspective as well. Would you find being in restraints for 10 minutes kind of annoying? Wouldn’t you find it even more annoying if it was for longer? Then there’s also the problem of people that abuse bounty hunter, which is the reason bounty hunters got nerfed in the first place. There are a lot of rats on the server that use bounty hunter weapons and items to kidnap people into houses just to piss them off. To increase the 10 minute timer would mean an increase in toxic abuse.

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