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Channel 4 news bullitin 5!

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                                                                                                                                  Channel 4 news


                              Hello asylum, i am your reporter hunter and it has been a while since I posted, sorry for my sudden absence but I assure you I'm back in action.

                         since I've been back a new police force called the anti simp police started a small revolution lasting only a day and leaving many dead, channel 4's own Ron Tucker got a interview with the commander of this force, col Andre Petrovic, Ron asked why he is conscripting people into this police force and why he is killing people in the streets, he pulled a gun on Ron and said "Don't call them people, they are nothing but simps, they are unclean filthy people and they need to be put down, Altis will be cleansed...." he then took us into another room and made us watch him execute a man who had been tortured and was blindfolded. He also claims that the police are still active after clashes with the APD and rebels, they are regrouping and gathering strength to attack again.

In other news the winner of this weeks police raffle is @Chris Peacock, congratulations Chri, if you wanna enter the APD raffle please leave a comment saying raffle ticket.

one more thing, channel 4 needs editors for the paper to proof read hunters drunken writing, dm him for details

-Ron tucker

-Hunter Tompson

Wanna support channel 4? DM hunter for details.

thank you to our supporters.


Edited by Hunter the reporter
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