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Renting out homes suggestion

Renting out houses  

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  1. 1. Should we be able to rent out houses?

    • Yes, I like the idea.
    • No.
    • It's a good idea but some things should be added/removed.

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As the title states, make it possible to rent out our garages/houses/sheds. I don't think I need to explain it too much as it's very similar to real life but below are my ideas and what not.



Renting a house, sorta like buying, the menu will show how many crates/storage the house has (Virtual & Physical)

While being rented out, the original owner will have little to no access to the house.

Renting period minimum, maximum of 1day-21 days(3 weeks)

Renting price minimum, maximum of $1000-$1,000,000

Time left on the contract shows on top of the house storage menu (or a separate renters house menu) HUD (Days, Hours, Minutes) and/or connected to the keys app with another list of houses you rent out with time left on the contract.

The renting price/renting period predetermined by the seller

      -all money is paid upfront(idea option1)

      -all money is divided up by how long the rental period is and is paid by the day(idea option2)

      (option 2 only being an option if the dev's make it so renter/owner is able to cancel the contract, otherwise, option 1 should go in play)

Listing will expire after 7 days to prevent houses from wiping after 1mo while it's being rented out.

You should easily be able to distinguish between buying/renting a house on house menu at first glance(no mistaking them)

Houses will show up in orange to the renter on the map, different than houses you own which are in blue.

Tenants will be able to spawn at the house, it will act sorta like a gang house though unlike the gang house the original owner will not be able to access anything.

House will be unable to be listed for rent by the owner if the house is up for sale and vice versa.

It will still be the owners house though they will have limited access, the tenant will basically own the house.


While being rented out:


- Owners can/can't?:

- Owners can open the house menu or a separate renters menu to view how much time is left on the contract with limited options.

- Owners can upgrade storage/scotch barrels etc.

- Owner can't access house storage

- Owner can't sell the house

- Owners can't rent the house out

- Owners can't toggle all locks

- Owners can't change lights

- Owners can't set it as gang house

- Owner can't unlock the house(doors and toggle)

- Owner can't spawn at the house


Tenants can/can't?:

- Renters can access the storage

- Renters can spawn at the house

- Renters can access the house menu

- Renters can't upgrade anything

- Renters can't unlock storage

- Renters can't sell the house

- Renters can't rent the house out

- Renters can't view key holders

- Renters can't set the house as their gang house

- Renters can't give keys

- Renters can't sell the house



These are all just ideas, discuss below what you like and what you'd change... Please voice all of your concerns with the idea. I'm interested in everyone's opinion and perspective, the yeses and noes.


Shit to discuss...


(?) How should storage be handled... combined or separate?

  - Would probably make it easier on admins/devs if inventory was separate so that the owner doesn't get the fall if duped/scripted items show up in a house that was placed by a tenant.

  - If storage is separate, after rental period is over, tenants have a week to pick their shit up at Home Improvement.

  - If storage is separate, the owner would still not be able to access the house until the rental period is over.

(?) How should payment be handled, upfront or day by day? (day by day opens possibility for rent cancellation)

(?) Should renters be able to give keys? 

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1 hour ago, Mitch (IFRIT) said:

Someone is going to screw over someone with it. I feel like 90 percent of devs time is spent trying to prevent people from being assholes and or exploiting something. 

That's what testing is for right? Y'all should start putting these exploiters to use, just figure out the ppl with the most exploit bans and put them to work. 😂 Something else I should add is maybe y'all adding more incentives for people reporting shit like bugs and glitches, I feel like that is massively overlooked.


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I think do weekly payments to extend the contract, but if you lose the contract you dont get your shit back.  It should be their responsibility to keep rent up or move their shit out, might make for some random step ups.  No combined or separate storage, the storage of the house is the storage of the house.  The owner knows they are renting, if they care they should remove their items before opening it up for rent.  I do not think dupers should be an issue, if you randomly have 20m in vests from a renter just talk to an admin first.  They can check the logs for duping.  

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