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Changelog - Mid/Late February


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  • Civilians can enter DLC vehicles if they don't have the DLC.
  • Air HQ for medics by @Jbdragon.
  • Pushback option for planes.
  • More crafting options.
  • More P90 skins at rebel.
    • Donor 3: Camo
    • Donor 4: Hex
    • Donor 5: Black
  •  Two ambulance skins for the Van (Ambulance) for medics (donor 3 and 4 required)


  • Network optimizations on death.
    • May or may not break some things.
  • Updated Kavala to @Calle.'s design.
  • Updated HW Patrol HQ by @Jbdragon
  • The phone design, as well as the icons (made by@Boonie Hat).
  • Uranium (Weapon Grade) can be stored inside houses up to an amount of 50. This is intended for crafting.


  • Being able to drop a non-round amount of items.
  • Some exploits.
  • Missing ammo for the starter pistol at rebel.
  • Possible fix for losing your gun on death.
    • As a result, cop regearing is currently disabled.


  • AK tracer mags.

Hotfix #1:
- Fixed gamebreaking drug runners
- Added refuelling action to the gas pumps at the gas station by Kavala square

Hotfix #2:
- Re-added a few map objects
- Tweaked the phone size

Hotfix #3:
- Another attempted fix for guns disappearing on death
- Re-enabled cop regearing
- A little more network optimization on death
- Some map fixes
Also testing some network configuration adjustments.

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12 minutes ago, Thatoneboi06 said:

what do you mean you fixed game breaking drug runner?  plz tell me u didnt make it make the same as the boast drug runners lol 

Nothing was changed about it, but it broke after this update. And it broke really bad.

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3 hours ago, Dr_Dingleberry said:

@Azeh if your bounty CLs while restrained/blindfolded in your car, are you supposed to be able to collect their bounty with the bodybag like when they CL outside a vehicle? If so, it doesn't seem to be working; when you pull them out (pull out unconscious), they just disappear.

Usually their bodybags spawn where they Cl and not when u pull the person out. Next time drive back and look for the bodybag 😄

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8 hours ago, HomeTrlx said:

Usually their bodybags spawn where they Cl and not when u pull the person out. Next time drive back and look for the bodybag 😄

Yeah we did, all along the road, nothing. Could call it a one time error, but another time we were stationary, had just put the bounty in the car, and he CL'd -- still no bag

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