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Was looking through the virtual arsenal and curious to see if these variants can be added of already existing items in the game. (All listed variants have no difference in armor level and are purely cosmetic to my knowledge).

1. NVG (Tropic)

2. Light Combat Helmet (Tropic & Woodland)

3. CTRG Carrier Lite Vest

4. Modular Carrier Lite (Geometric)

5. GA Carrier Lite (Digital)

6. CSAT Rebreather for those who have CSAT Wetsuit unlocked  


*** 9mm Suppressor (for Rook, P07, Protector 9mm, etc)....shit why can't we do 5.56 Suppressors for both factions? ***

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1 hour ago, Gen. Henry Arnold said:

Most of these are in for donors

Which ones? I went through the donor list and only saw Green NVGs which are different from Tropic & rebreather my error.

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