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Vehicle production increase

Decrease cost of vehicle production  

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  1. 1. Should we decrease cost of vehicle production?

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The vehicle production factory is pretty much useless the time and effort it takes to try and save a few thousand isn't worth the effort. If someone is trying to use it to sell the vehicles it isn't worth the effort either as selling each item individually nets more then the sell price for using all those items with exception of the truck boxer which nets about $150 over the value of selling the items individually. The effort and organization to make the truck boxer isn't remotely worth the cost.

So I propose that the monetary cost to make the vehicles be reduced and/or the material cost to make the vehicle production a more viable money method considering that it is like triple processing things like Heisenberg and cocaine bricks. More interesting ways of making money is a good way of ensuring that the server last longer. As such this is one method of making it more interesting and worth the effort of the vehicle factory. It would also be pretty easy to do then some other ideas as it is just changing a few numbers to lower values.

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