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Someone is blowing up my house. Can I shoot him directly from a distance?

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1 hour ago, abdul karim azeem said:

manhua i just got off the phone with bohemian, and they said yes. and if they ban you for it tell them to talk to abdul karim azeem. manhua does what he wants, where he wants, how he wants. dragons on top 

yes this is bohemia director Gape Horne here mr manhua and you can indeed kill someone if they are trying to blow up your house!

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2 hours ago, abdul karim azeem said:

曼华我刚和波西米亚人打完电话,他们说是的。如果他们禁止您这样做,告诉他们与阿卜杜勒·卡里姆·阿泽姆(Abdul karim azeem)交谈。曼华做了他想要的,他想要的,他想要的。龙在上面 


7 minutes ago, House ;) said:


yes , china #2

abdul karim azeem and House ;) like this
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