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Just now, Defragments said:

They recently learned the world mald and I've seen them use it as a response to just about anything.

ohhhh okay, it's cute seeing kav rats spread their legs to rodo and learn new big fancy words. Make's me feel old ya know


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Just now, 808state said:

oh my bads ill replace mald with crying in side chat all day if that makes ya feel better ! that was a NS though chewbacca 

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2 minutes ago, Crossfade said:

is that why you added me on steam? neck

ikik it's an absolute crime huh

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6 hours ago, abdul karim azeem said:

ruckus celebrated the permanent ban of abdul karim azeem

this weird guy from star wars made them pay, great work rando

can’t believe a nimrod @Free Stratis is within this gang. arma 3 has fallen

honestly thought you would be unbanned by now, we might have had our battles but I dont wish a perm on anybody. hope to see you back soon

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