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FiveM KoTH Partnership

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Hello Everyone,

5/14/21 Update: We've just released our application form for staff roles. Feel free to check it out on our discord and apply if interested.

While I may have given up Arma 3 development, I've moved on to co-work with @Ignis on creating a FiveM KoTH server. We recently saw the UK hosted KoTH server and wanted to give it a try. There is very few KoTH servers (< 10) or so on FiveM at this time. We initially were going to be making an Asylum RP server on FiveM, but once we started to develop and think on it we realized it'd be like attempting to be a brand new community developing an Arma 3 server. There would be a very low chance of success, especially after seeing how Olympus did their server, etc. So we felt that trying this KoTH server would be a great way if successful would help us grow a FiveM community and branch in to an RP server. Link to our discord can be find below.

The Arma 3 Asylum staff team has been aware of this for a bit now and word may have gotten out a bit. This was the information we released to the staff team:


Recently Ignis (Former Olympus Admin/Developer) and I have been working on making a FiveM KoTH server after seeing that there isn’t many of these and the verrrrry few that are available are CONSTANTLY full. The one that recently released is basically based off A3 mechanics and gameplay style. They even said themselves it’s basically a duplicate of it. We have basically done very similar mechanics but we have also done some things to stay away from the current GTA KoTH style they made. For example, we have decided to not limit users to the number of weapons they can carry (as of now at least). We are also going for a non-military themed KoTH. We are pretty far along in development terms. We are starting to get to a point where we’re looking for some help testing gameplay mechanics, getting feedback, and building the base for our community. Those who help and play on the GTA server will receive automatic rewards and benefits to be used towards Asylum on Arma 3. At this time, we’ve entered a partnership with Mitch allowing us to hopefully both benefit. In the short-term we are aiming to leverage the Asylum A3 community to help us with our initial rollout and build the base of our GTA V community. Through this partnership with Mitch the long-term goal is to get a GTA V player base for KoTH that we can then leverage in to an RP server. Currently even with the demand from A3 players, we don’t feel there would be enough people to essentially get the server off the ground if we started straight off with a RP server. Currently with the over saturation of RP servers on GTA it’d be like attempting to start your own A3 server today. There is just so much development content that would be lacking and such, people would almost immediately realize that the brand-new server doesn’t have the same content that the established 2-3yr servers they were playing on or could play on and leave.

To clear any potential confusion beforehand… this KoTH GTA server was initially a start-up between Ignis and I. We then extended the partnership offer to Mitch. Through this partnership Mitch was kind enough to allow us usage of the Asylum name and logo. This also means that we will be having systems for the most part separate from the Asylum A3 community. Some services may be shared or linked but that will be the extent of it. So if you’re currently an Administrator or Moderator over here and wish to be considered for staff roles or different roles with the GTA server you will be needing to apply for said roles. If/When we roll-out a RP server that will be different story as we’ll be looking to enter beyond a partnership and into split ownership of said RP server. Those details when/if that time would come would then be figured out in regards to positions and staffing as well. More than likely though staff positions across all 2/3 game offerings would be different across the Admin/Moderator/Developer roles. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to ask away or direct private messages to myself or @Mitch (IFRIT) and we’ll try our best to answer them. This is a very fluid situation and constantly changing. If you wish to assist in beta-testing and establishment of the GTA server, feel free to join our discord.

In the next few days we'll be releasing recruitment documents/information on our discord for development positions and also a community leadership position. If you're interested in helping please keep tabs on our discord for further details on how you could help.

KoTH Discord: https://discord.gg/ynY4KnE7fM



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