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Confirmation option "Resilient"

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11 hours ago, abdul karim azeem said:

no, should come as part of the parcel.
swear if u press suicide u cant get hospital

i mean i could also live with that, if you suicide it's to respawn in a different city and the times the talent actually triggers when you suicide ... it's like it checks if you have gear or not if you have gear 10% chance if you're fresh spawn 99% chance xD 

That being said i always figured it was something kind of annoying to add because of the death screen maybe preventing being able to get an option or whatever? 
don't know anything about coding so yeah ^^ 


11 hours ago, Gen. Henry Arnold said:


better get at it ! lol jk ❤️ i know it's more of a Quality of life thing so not really urgent , just surprised nobody really mentioned it.

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