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Remove the maximum 5-gang member limit.

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Remove the maximum 5-gang member limit. Gang after gang is completely exploiting this limitation without any regard for overall spirit of the rule. They log in and out (or kill each other) within the active turfs and are always able to maintain a maximum-strength number  of fighters through careful coordination in Discord or TS. It's so obvious to any experienced turf fighter that any 4-year old can watch it occurring in sidechat real-time. It's a higher-game tactic and it works but it's difficult and time consuming for Admin(s) to narrow down which gangs or players are abusing it. Just remove the limit and let's treat them just like cartels and be done with it. Thanks.

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11 hours ago, Leroy Jenkins said:

So what you are saying is you no longer have a gang member cap at turfs?

I mean that's what i'm getting from it. Otherwise his statement has no correlation to the OP. It would be like talking about PBJ in a conversation with your co-workers and then some nerd comes up to the group and butts in with a "Vegan mayo is healthy".

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OMG, best reply I've seen in a while. When I read it, I was thinking, how does this answer anything pertaining to the suggestion??? It was like a politician's non-answer with plenty of words but no real content. Let's try one more time Gen. Henry Arnold, is there a 5-gangmember cap now or has that limitation been removed? Thanks, we're all dying to know...

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