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STRIFE Feedback


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4 minutes ago, Infamous [FULL SEND] said:

imo it would be a lot more fun if it was more like Wasteland.


-Specific towns with gun stores, not every point.

-Specific Towns with Vehicle shops, not every point.

-NPC missions that either give money or vehicles


stuff like that.

+1 Some side objectives would make it alot more fun.

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2 hours ago, Sheriff Rick said:

Team balance needs to be addressed and there should be less capture points on the map so there's more action

Maybe a way for it to be not fixed IE. less players less caps not sure if something like that is possible but a idea none the less

1 hour ago, Sheriff Rick said:

I also think Strife will only work if it's up only on a Saturday for a few hours, which if this was the case I would also bring back the money Strife use to make people

Sundays, we have Dom on Saturdays but I agree

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12 hours ago, Vanilla Coke said:

For the future, maybe some leaderboards would be cool. Make arsenal loadouts specific to the server, rather than being shared with others.

Global Chat.


**Team balancing too -- make team balancing pretty lenient so people can play with their friends 🙂


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27 minutes ago, RosemarysBaby said:

Insanely op Anti-Air that auto aims the cannon for you and requires no work whatsoever to be successful with (Tigris/Cheetah). Should be removed. 
Along with the other braindead no skill vehicles such as Blackfoot and Xian. If theres no braindead counter to those vehicles, why should they be a braindead counter to helis? 

you are dumb

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