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Altis Arms Dealer - Gun Orders

Diego Alvarez

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Diego the Altis arms dealer welcomes you to best stock of weapons that the island has to offer.

I have all your needs covered when it comes to guns.

We employ the best technicians the island has to offer to give everyone the best and cheapest guns.

We offer bundles on all our weapons for those needing to supply their whole gang or group.




Mk-1 EMR: (71)- $7,000 each

Mk18 ABR: (5)- $6,500 each

AK-12: (0)- $5,000 each OUT OF STOCK - More to come

SPAR-17: - $6,000 each - Made to order

Rahim: - $4,000 each - Made to order

Katiba: - $3,750 each - Made to order

MK200: (5)- $16,500 each

LIM 5.56: (10)- $23,500 each

RPGs: (3)- $165,000 each



·         You will collect your order from me. This is for both the safety of us and yourselves.

·         Payment will be by wire transfer before any goods are handed over, as well as storage locations being revealed.

·         I as an individual take no responsibility for any weapons that are in your possession once they have left our storage facilities. This includes no refunds or replacements.


Message In-game or reply to thread to order.

IGN: Diego Alvarez

Edited by Diego Alvarez
Stock update
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