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Firefighter Whitelist SOP


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Firefighter Policy

  • Never drop firefighter gear, doing so will result in a swift blacklist from the AFD
  • If you are not automatically deployed to the closest HQ to the fire when you sign up as a firefighter, you may redeploy to the closest HQ regardless of the number of medics online
  • Firefighter gear and vehicles are not to be used on normal patrol. Ignore all of your normal duties while responding to a structure fire
  • Once the event has ended, all active firefighters are to store their vehicles at the nearest station. A-EMT+ may impound any firefighter vehicles at their discretion.
  • After storing your fire truck you must deactivate firefighter immediately. If you are unable to for whatever reason, you must either soft-log or respawn.
  • AFD personnel may redeploy back to their original cities once the event has ended.
  • If you notice any bugs/exploits while deployed as Firefighter, consult with AFD/Server staff and provide any evidence you have so that we may fix the issues.

*Any abuse of firefighter will result in disciplinary action ranging from temporary removal from firefighter to being blacklisted from the AFD depending on severity*


Firefighter Requirements

  • No active points.
  • Be an EMT
  • For active A-EMT+, your monthly playtime requirements will not be increased from being whitelisted as a firefighter.
  • Must have your discord linked on your MyAsylum page.
  • AFD staff reserve the right to deny interviews/whitelists for any reason.
  • Any points received while whitelisted as Firefighter will result in removal from the whitelist.


Whitelisting Process

  • If you wish to be interviewed, join the AFD Whitelist Interview channel in teamspeak with (Fire) at the end of your name. Any ACTIVE paramedic is able to conduct firefighter interviews.
  • DO NOT message paramedics asking for an interview, they will get to you when they are ready.
  • If you spam paramedics you are more likely to not get an interview or will have to wait even longer.
  • If you fail the interview, you may not retake it for 1 week.
  • If you pass the interview, you will be whitelisted for the role and expected to uphold the policies accordingly.
  • For medics that are removed from firefighter due to inactivity, you must wait 2 weeks to interview for the role again.
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