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Real Estate Auction - Kavala PD House


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Starting Bid: 250K

Minimum Up Bid :  25K

Auction ends at 11:59PM CST 09/23/2021



Auction rules: You may only own 5 houses on the server. If you already own 5 do not bid. You may only win 1 house/garage/shed via auction in a rolling 30 day period. If you have already won in the last 30 days do not bid. However if there are multiple auctions happening at once you may bid on multiple properties. In the event you happen to be the highest bidder at the end of the auction on 2 or more auctions the last bid(s) made will be ignored and go to the next highest bidder. Only bids are allowed on the auction thread. All other posts will be removed. Do not edit your bids. If you wish to bid more you need to make a new reply. Edited bids will be ignored. You must have the money available before making the bid. Winning bidder must have at least 10 hours on the server in the last 30 days. If you bid you are locked in. You can not retract your bid. Before bidding be sure that you fully intend to buy the property

Please note: Repeated failures to adhere to the rules of the auction may result in administrative action.


How to Bid:

Bid by replying to the topic with your PID and bid amount in the format shown below.

(first bid) 76561198345010000 - 250K

(second bid) 76561198345014321 - 275K

(third bid) 76561198345010000 - 500K


At the end of the auction the highest eligible bidder will have the house transferred to them and the money directly removed from their account. By placing a bid you are agreeing to the rules and understand that all auctions are final (no returns)



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