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****APD Policy Update 9/21/2021****


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The Marid is a Captain only vehicle. These rules must be followed by officers of all ranks, including Captains.

  • The Marid may only be pulled during large sustained federal events.
    • Large federal events are defined as events where there is a large rebel presence and even after the APD has made several attempts there has been little to no progress.
      • The only exception to this would be the Mental Asylum. Due to the current state of the Mental Asylum, Captains may pull this vehicle immediately upon responding regardless of rebel count.
    • The Marid should not be the go to vehicle for every federal event and should only be pulled when absolutely needed.
  • Only SGT+ may drive the Marid.
    • Captain permission is still required for both LTs and SGTs to drive the vehicle.
  • No more than 2 Marids may be pulled for any singular federal event.
  • Due to the armor capabilities of this vehicle, should it be stolen by rebels, it shall become a top priority of the APD to re-secure the vehicle.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy feel free to contact a Captain.

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