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Accepting Cryptocurrency & Website Changes

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First, some changes involving the Store.

Many of you may have noticed but we have moved the store from my.gaming-asylum.com/store to https://store.gaming-asylum.com/

The Store is accessed the exact same way as before and you will still need to be logged into https://my.gaming-asylum.com/home to make your purchases.


The Gaming Asylum Store is now accepting Cryptocurrency as a way to pay for Gold. We have also revisited the existing Payment methods which will now give more ways to pay.

Noted you will not be able to purchase the 250 Gold option with Cryptocurrency.

Payments with Cryptocurrency may take up to an hour to be processed.


The Store design has been reworked to provide a cleaner more detailed view while keeping the same layout as before. Browsing the store on Mobile devices should feel much more easier and smooth now.


Gold and Asylum Plus bundles now show their value compared to the lowest buyable bundle.



Secondly, a couple of additions to MyAsylum that comes with the store update.

In your account transactions panel you will now see transactions for both Paypal and Coinbase.

You can now see your in-game Crypto Wallet on your Profile with live Market Data updated every 10 minutes.


Lastly, the main website https://gaming-asylum.com/ has been updated so that all donation, subscription, and crate rewards present new accurate information. The rewards themselves are now able to be clicked for an image preview.



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