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Drug Runner Time Limit

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Not trying to be too dramatic here, however this is coming from someone with actual flight experience. Im just going to say, the drug runner time limit is objectively near impossible. No matter what flight profile or whatever flight setting, I have yet to complete the first stage of a drug runner from an airfield. I would say, for someone to get there SAFELY and without and damage to their aircraft, an extra 90 seconds is needed at a minimum. And most of the time, that extra 90seconds is needed in order to safely land the plane. It doesnt take into account the transit to the drug runner and the time it takes to get out and scroll to load. 

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The only one I always get under :30 seconds time is Airfield 5 to Airfield 4, the shortest distance but barely enough time and that's after years of doing them on this same map. Otherwise the rest of them are fine, you should be able to hit 430 km/h going between them no problem. About 2.5km out from the landing strip, hard bank while holding your airbrake slows you down fast enough.

Edit* Another trick I learned that's probably a bug or exploit (reported it but no answer for weeks so I guess its fine), if you go around 335 km/h at about 100m above the ground, hold shift, then press Y (keep your phone open), the plane will literally autopilot the direction you're facing. It will adjust altitude and keep your speed at 430 km/h. If you have a further drug runner location, you have enough time to take a couple minute walk while the plane flies itself to the location.

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