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Domination Changelog - November

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Teaser made by:@Alec-I


  • New Vanilla/Modded Maps
  • New Domination Ifrit Skins
    • credit to @Kelly
    • Backwoods - Win 3 dominations and be a subscriber
    • Carnage - The person who has the most kills in the most recent domination will now get an exclusive achievement and Carnage Ifrit Skin
      • Unique carnage horn to this ifrit
      • King Of Carnage Title / Carnage Creator Title
    • RAW - Win a domination and be a subscriber 
    • Battleye - be a participating member who won the most recent domination
    • Spoiler

















































  • Loadouts & Loadout system will separate from S1.
    • All-new weapons/uniforms will be only accessible on domination. Loadouts will not transfer between S1 and S2, everything else will.
  • You will automatically be put into driver when pulling/buying a vehicle while in a rebel safe zone.
  • Every time you reload on dom, your mags will automatically be repacked.
  • New Weaponry
    • RPK-12: 35K BM | $76K 
    • BM Exclusives:
      • MAR-10: 150K BM | 10K BM .338 10 rnd mag
      • MX-SW: 70K BM |
      • 50 BW 10 rnd caseless mag: 200K BM
      • Zafir: 200K BM | 10K BM per mag
  • New Clothing Options
    • Carrier Rig: $11,000
    • Deck Crew Vests: $4,000
    • Heli Pilot Coveralls & NATO Pilot Coveralls: $3,000
    • Special Purpose Suits: $125,000 
    • ENVG II: 200K BM
  • S. R. T. (Strategic Response Team)
    • The Strategic Response Team (SRT) is a group of highly trained and specially equipped APD officers who respond to domination flags requiring advanced police tactics.
    • Any APD officer that is a constable or higher, can play as SRT.
    • NOTE: You will be side locked during domination, so once you log onto civ you can only play on civ for the duration of that specific domination and vice-versa for SRT.
      • Respawning
        • Every SRT Trooper will have $5,000 deducted from their bank and added to the pot every respawn. Having insufficient cash to pay will kick you to the lobby.
      • Weapons - SRT is required to earn kills in order to prestige in weaponry. 
        • MK20 - 0 kills
        • MX - 25 kills
        • MXM - 50 kills
        • MK14 - 100 kills
        • MK18 - 150 kills
        • MK1 - 250 kills
        • MX SW - 750 kills
      • Vehicles
        • By default, SRT can pull Hunters, Striders, Qilins, Prowlers, and Orcas.
        • You may unlock the ifrit at 100 kills, and offroad .50 cal at 1,000.
        • Vehicles purchased on domination can only be pulled on domination. They will not show up/count to your S1 cop vehicle garage.
      • Outfits
        • Officers are forced to use the SRT uniform and backpack.
      • Money
        • Every kill will grant you $1,000. Kills with a bonus will grant $2,000.
        • Uncapping a flag will grant all officers online, $15,000.
  • Group Menu
    • You can now see all factions, gangs, groups, and the players in them by holding 0.
  • Domination Overview Menu
    • After domination ends, a menu will display all kills, deaths, caps, etc
    • Players will all be kicked off 3 minutes after domination ends.
  • New Horns
    • Fetch Me Their Souls - Be the top killer is most recent domination
    • Yo Pierre - Subscriber and 300 captures
    • Moon - 500 dom captures
    • Squid Game - 150 Dom kills and a subscriber
    • Vamp Anthem-  Angels And Demons seasonal quest
    • We Do Not Care - Win most recent Domination
    • What do you mean by that? - Win a domination and be a subscriber
    • TS3 Ban - 50 dom kills and a subscriber 
  • Domination Panel
    • You will be able to see all gang's points, names, and caps they have.
    • Additionally, you can see each flag's health.
    • This menu will update if you continue to hold the J button.
  • Redeploy Menu
    • Everyone will have an option to redeploy at any domination rebel via NPC. If you have a respawn timer active, you can still redeploy.
  • New Domination Missions
    • CTF
      • You will be tasked to pick up an actual flag at a chosen flag, and physically walk/drive to the depositing flag location. You may only travel in an ifrit while having the flag on you. Players will have 20 minutes to complete the event, and the depositor will earn 350 points.
    • Juggernaut
      • The domination Juggernaut will spawn in randomly and will tank loads of damage. He will only shoot back at you if you provoke him! Scalping his dead body will grant your gang 200 points and a box of gear on his corpse.
    • Hardpoint
      • The gang with the most players in the hardpoint zone will earn 5 points every 5 seconds they hold it. A marker and progress bar will state if you are losing/winning the hardpoint. 
    • Cheaper Weapons
      • For a limited duration, all weapons/loadouts will be 45% off  
    • Stamina Disabled
      • For a limited duration, all effects of redgull will be null. Stamina will be disabled for a certain amount of time.
  • Gulag
    • Every 6 minutes, all dead players will be asked to participate in the Gulag. Only the first 2 to respond will be chosen.
    • Players will be given a random loadout (same for both) to battle out their differences.
    • The current map for the gulag is Nuketown.
    • If a trade occurs, the first person to die will be counted as the loser.
    • The winner will redeploy over their dead corpses position, 500 meters with a parachute and previous full loadout.
      • Once you land safely you will be given your old backpack back with whatever was inside.
  • New Quests
    • SRT restart cycle and seasonal quests
    • Rebel restart cycle and seasonal quests


  • Domination Point/Flag System Rework
    • Every flag will have 300 points to capture.
      • Only exception is the hotzone, which spawns with 600 points to capture.
    • Every 20 seconds, 10 points will be deducted from a flag and added to the capturing gang.
    • Domination will be won after 5,000 points have been reached.
    • Flags can now be captured in around 10 seconds.
    • Hardpoint, Hotzone, and Defusal Bomb Missions will be checked to activate when a flag moves. They should not overlap
      • Domination Missions 
        • HVT: 100 points
        • First to open ghost hawk crate: 100 points
        • Hotzone will deplete 20 points every tick, and the flag will have 600 points
        • Bomb Defusal - 500 points
  • HUD Optimization
    • You now have options to toggle various domination HUD options in your phone's settings.
  • Payout Rework
    • Equation: (PotPrice / TotalPoints) * YourGangPoints
    • Bonuses: 1st: $1,000,000, 2nd: $500,000, and 3rd: $250,000
    • Each paycheck will be divided equally to each online player.
  • When opening the quest menu on Domination, only domination-related quests will be displayed.
  • Vehicles will no longer despawn if a keyholder is 15 meters near.
  • Briefcases will now have simulation enabled, should now fall over and be moved.
  • All domination maps (including Altis) will now use our local object system. This should drastically improve FPS all over and be much more reliable. 
  • All purchasable weapons/virtual/clothing will by default be 10% cheaper than their prices on S1.
  • Grass will now be disabled on domination.
  • Qilins and Prowlers now have doors on domination.
  • Talent/Prestige GUI has been reworked.


  • All vehicle spawns on flags will work as intended now.
  • The nuclear bunker event has been re-added with dramatically increased performance.
  • You will no longer spawn in jail if you are jailed on S1.
  • Notification of killing an HVT, after they were killed previously before.
  • Headshot counting will now be vastly more accurate.


FYI - If you would like any new zones/maps to be added in the future, directly DM me on discord. Also some of these changes are subject to be modified/removed based on community feedback!

Hotfix #1
- Cop ratio disabled.
- Stamina event disabled and so is stamina on dom entirely.
- SRT can no longer team kill for $.
- Re-gearing on SRT is now disabled.
- SRT can now revive.
- SRT paychecks per kill are now $2,000 and bonuses are $3,000.
- SRT uncaps now payout $20,000 instead of $15,000.
- SRT payments will now be directly to your bank account instead of cash (woops).
- Hospital respawning should now put you at the nearest rebel instead of nowhere.
- It now takes 4,000 points to win domination, instead of 5,000.
- You should now spawn back at where you were on S1, if you were on S2.
- Briefcases should now actually be cleaned up.
- Other misc objects not cleaning up.
- Cooldown to respawn is now 2 minutes instead of 3.
- NPC animations have been disabled to see impact on fps.
- Bomb defusal should now work properly.
- Entering/Exiting a bunker works now.
- Every participating member of the winning gang will get the dom win stat if they were offline or online.
- Once dom ends, all dead players will be revived, and no one will be able to take damage.
- Ripping stat should now add and show up in the end-game leaderboard.
- Sorting kills and deaths should now work properly in en-game leaderboard.
- Timezones have been adjusted to Standard Time (does not affect when dom starts)
- Fugitive pings will no longer occur on domination (should also help server performance)
- Paychecks will now be split across all participating members in a gang. You now have to play a minimum of 30 minutes for a paycheck. It's updated every minute and you can log off/ log on and it will continue to count throughout the dom (while you are on). If you have only 7/10 players that played 30 minutes, the money will only be split across the 7 evenly. Money is directly sent to the mailbox and retrieved via !comp.

Hotfix #2
- Fixed syncing of achievement titles.
- You can now actually take loot out of the nuclear bunker crate.
- Possibly fixed sorting of kills in the end-game menu.
- CTF capture radius is now 3 meters instead of 10 meters.
- Fatigue should be removed (hopefully).
- All players who aren't in your group should now be red anywhere.
- Juggernaut will no longer take damage if he is spangled.
- Ripping stat from being incremented twice instead of once.
- Blown up vehicles should be removed from garages now.
- Cleaning up briefcases should now work (hopefully).
- CTF message now shows proper amount of points to earn (8 to 350).
- Stats should now be updated to reflect the first domination and 2nd domination properly.
- You can now longer buy nvgs from the clothing store (woops).
- You can now properly update your loadout with a new one (if you tried).
- misc fixes and network optimizations.

Hotfix #3
- Fixed payouts not occurring (sorry)
- fatigue should be disabled across the board
- You will now get 50 points for scalping the juggernaut
- misc fixes

Hotfix #4
- Fixed payouts not occurring for gangs who had 0 members online.
- FPS optimizations regarding the HUD.
- Group menu will now be sorted by # of players.
- Excessive long gang names will no longer overlap columns on dom menus.
- You will now have stamina disabled if you won the gulag and parachuted in.
- Other network optimizations.


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