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Kavala Shop House! (AUCTION!) (The house from the giveaway!)

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GREETINGS ya loveable rodents. 

I was the lucky winner of the Kavala house giveaway and immediately got bombarded with offers to buy it on discord and in game so i figured id put it up for auction for the next few days so i can just direct people here. 


House, Garage, Industrial Shed:  Shop!

House Size:  2 crater shop!

Location (Town/DP#):  Kavala

Asking Price: Its going up for auction. 

Auction Start will be 10m. 
Instant Buyout is 35m 
Minimum Bid Increments of 200k. 
Auction will end at 23:59 on the 22nd of june if the buyout price isnt offered. 

Snipe protection of 5 mins. If at 23:55 or later someone outbids the highest bid, it will add 5 mins to the end time. For example if someone bids on june 22nd at 23:57, the new end time is June 23rd at 00:02 

As soon as i got this house given to me i was bombarded with double figure offers so im just gonna start it at 10m and let it play out. 

I reserve the right to pull the listing at any time if an offer is made outside of this thread of anything random. (houses all that kind of shit)

Pictures/Video Walk-through:

Goodluck lads! and message me if you have any questions here/discord. 

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