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WTS Closest 3c to weed proc

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House, Garage, Industrial Shed:  Stone House 3c

House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k):  3c

Location (Town/DP#):  Weed Proc

Asking Price: 5.5m

Description: So I barely play this anymore, and when I do I have to deal with r*tards that believe they run the ingame world, playing this all day, doing nothing else but playing Arma3 in 2022 yikes, like this "rando" guy, like imagine camping weed proc when there are 60/140 ppl playing, such a loser, but whatever thats why I have decided to sell this house. It's a good house to make money, I made around 10m in less than 1month by selling buds, playing around 3 hours a day, a few months ago. It's fully upgraded, greenhouse, max inventory, etc, I'ts literally right next to weed proc, you can camp from it, you don't need a vehicle to process your sativa/indica plants and more.

Base price 5.5m, post your offer.

Pictures/Video Walk-through:


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5 hours ago, 王 rando 王 said:

My offer: You pay me 1mil and I'll stop blowing it up long enough for you to sell it so someone.


21 hours ago, Hakeem said:

... Description: So I barely play this anymore...

gl wasting your time, do that while I build my itinerary for my next europe trip.

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