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Prisoner Extraction Event

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Not sure if this is possible here but worth a shot.. 


Depending on how many players enter the event numbers will be different per team. But this will be a TEAM BASED event. x amount of civs are locked in a highly guarded compound by the other team. One team guards, one teams goal is to extract the prisoners, then once extracted from the compound they must escort the prisoners out of the area to an extraction helicopter and escape.. Once the prisoners are out of their prison they were locked in, the rescuing teams job is to arm the prisoners and get out. The arming could be a simple pistol.. or put some guns somewhere around the area for them to grab, or even automatically get.

- If # of Prisoner dies in escort lose x money from payout. So if you only get 1 or 2 you will still be rewarded, just not as much.

-Winning team will receive $$ based on how long the event was.. kills.. extraction.. etc.

-Losing team will receive something small for participating.

- Add a player title as a reward for this/achievement.

- All kits will be the same and will cost nothing.. or optionally put a kit buy option where you can upgrade your kits a bit for $ invading team should receive slightly stronger kits


Obv alot more details to work out if there is any interest in this but just a idea to attempt for something new.

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