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****APD Policy Update 11/2/2022****

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Combat Suiciding:

  • If a civilian is found suiciding in an attempt to avoid police custody, a SGT+ who directly witnessed the combat suicide may send that subject to straight to jail if taken into custody during the same restart. Only the SGT+ that witnessed the combat suicide is allowed to send the subject directly to jail. No other officer is allowed to send the individual directly to jail.

    • Combat suicide is defined by the APD as:

      • Suicide via grenade (not to include rpg/suicide vests)

      • Suicide via exiting a moving vehicle/helicopter

      • Intentionally drowning

      • Intentionally jumping off an elevated position

Additionally, the following changes are in a testing phase and are to be conducted by Captains only.

Straight to Jail Offenses:

  • Captains may now send a subject straight to jail for having 4 or more federal event charges.  Federal Event charges include:

    • Bank Robbery

    • Federal Reserve Robbery

    • Jewelry Emporium Robbery

    • Raiding the Evidence Lockup

    • Prison Break

    • Shipping Robbery

    • Mental Asylum Robbery


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, or would like to discuss a policy change, feel free to contact a Captain.

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