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****SWAT Policy Update - 2/15/2023****

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New SWAT changes:

  • All SWAT members are now required to push in-sync with one another.  You must orchestrate a plan to make an effective push. 

  • If possible, you must push in some form of Armor, if you do not have armor, find someone who does.  Hatchback Sports or other unarmored vehicles should be your last resort.

  • VANS can be pulled to reach difficult locations.

  • Those who are found to NOT be an effective SWAT team member will be removed.

  • This will be considered a trial & error phase for the time being and changes may be implemented in the future at the discretion of a SWAT TO.

Non SWAT members:

  • You are not required to push in-sync with SWAT officers, but are encouraged to make an effective push with them.  However, please respect the command of SGT+ in Federal events and follow orders.

Ranks Guide 

  • SGT Swat members will be expected to lead other swat members.
  • Constable and Corporals will be expected to fall in line and act in accordance when SGT + is not available.
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