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BnH Trial Montage

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22 minutes ago, Fudger said:

why do people do montages with clips of them killing nakeds with rooks abouta do dp missions

it was a really funny moment for us cause he tryed to rob me and i just rekted his ass

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4 hours ago, tryhardsqueaker said:

Looks like your almost ready to join the boats and hoes cartel team

The Cartel team is currently waiting for people wanting to fight.  So get on the damn server and fight us.

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3 minutes ago, George said:

Idk ask the dogs :kermit:

Dogs have never once posted a montage shooting a naked nor have we hardly pistol banged like fucking ever you troglodyte 

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1 hour ago, Bob Logger said:

with SH** initiation anything is possible! :) yall be like ''Hand up or die Boom HEADSHOT" GG 

you walked right past him like wtf?

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