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Any Downside to plugging in Headphones to Blue Yeti


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Last question I swear. I googled this, but, I couldn't find anything. 


- The wire on the Sennheiser 598 CS is really short  and the Blue Yeti has an audio port you can plug headphones into. i was wondering if anyone has used this / uses this / or knows of this to help me determine if the audio quality would decrease by using this rather then having it plugged straight into my compuer.



Thank you

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I used to plug my headset into my yeti and I liked it. I never really had a downside to it. I would always have the highest quality playback and be able to hear if something was fucked up with my mic.The only real issue I had was my headset cord length. if your headset cord length is not very long then you might run into an issue of it being tugged when you get up and shit like that. Otherwise, I was told that plugging your headset into your blue yeti gives you better sound quality overall.

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