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Drug Trafficking Talents

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So I was drug trafficking the other day to make some cash and kinda realized something unlike most of the drug based ways of making money. Drug trafficking in fact did not have any perks besides the two at the very bottom which are basically useless TBH. So personally i think there should be ones that maybe extend the time or shorten the time but for more money etc.... These are all just ideas however i really think drug trafficking needs talents or something along that nature. P.S- When you spawn the plane it is always on Yellow Hull @Jigawatt

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I support this very much. They could include some other planes as well like maybe a jet, but it has a smaller time window and low fuel or something. There could also be the perks like you said, and also just different types, maybe even a ground one where you have to drive a ground vehicle which would be fun if the cops see you then youll have a chase goin on... it could be something like a pink van that is only for the drug running stuff.

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