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Lil Gambino

I miss the old houses of Altis!

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I want to be an advocate for putting back the houses how they used to be. 

What did they use to be like you ask?

They used to be put on the market after a certain period of time without the owner not using them and the storage crates would also go with the house and belong to the new buyer! Nothing felt better than buying a new house and seeing it filled with spars, AKs, and RPGs! 

I one time even bought a 2 crate house full of police gear and drugs best house ever.

I do not know why this was removed but I would love to see this implemented again to this server. It added a sense of realism and lottery to my purchases.

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Wasn't supposed to be like that and was changed as people who duped and got permed after the set amount of time there house would be on the market with all there duped items, from my knowledge. 

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Agreed, it wasn't just for duping it also makes more sense. And since u can't sell everything on asylum exchange (speedbomb flashbang etc) they can be sold with houses. 

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