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Friday Night Fights

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Friday October 19th

Cap Arms Dealer by 6pm PST (8pm CST/9pm EST)

Whichever gang owns Arms Dealer at OG cap on Asylum Server #2 by 6pm PST Friday night will win $500k to split and all members in the group participating in the event will have an Ifrit added to their garage!


I will restart the server 1 hour before at 7pm CST to start the event

APD will NOT be allowed to raid or pursue the Arms Dealer during the event from 7pm to 8pm CST however, Rebel Outposts and Therisa ("Donor") will still be fair game.

Bounty Hunter groups are welcome to try their luck at capturing rebels in Therisa or on Arms Peninsula ("Island")

So it might be a good idea to plan ahead and store some loadouts in a house or something safe as I'm sure Therisa and Rebels Outposts will be busy. 

Get the crew together and lets have some fun!







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Just now, Mason Statham said:

Atleast their trying to bring some life to asylum.

they fight then leave right as it over, and bounty hunters will be camping rebel/Donor

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500k Split between 10 people Yeah that blows. Gonna need to up it pal @Roice
Sure the Ifrits are cool and all but we all have 5-10 frits in our garage because zaros is op  so
up it to 2 Mill Make it interesting.

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