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  1. Hello asylum community! I have been gone for a while and I have decided to pay my dues. I miss all of you dearly. I’m sure as much as you all miss me this is a punishment for all of us. I have tried to get in contact with my favorite CM for a little now. It might be a few weeks before I make a faithful return to the asylum community. Wallahi I miss you all. Wallahi rogue pilot will respond to my discord DM’s and free me. I shall wait my time in the asylum penitentiary while I roleplay on grand theft auto. I miss the fellas please free a fella røgue pilot. WALLAHI MAX LOWKEY WILL MAKE A RETURN TO GAMING ASYLUM AFTER RØGUE CHATS WITH ME ABOUT MY LETS CHAT. Free a fella. .max has initiated a mald session below.
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