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  2. This guy's technology is so rubbish that when he's been killed by us many times, he'll use third-party assistance software to kill us all by himself.
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  4. Im not saying it shouldn't be but Idk 15 mins is a bit full on I spend less time in prison then that lol. anyway just a suggestion
  5. Thank you very much sir, glad you appreciate the art of vdm
  6. Seasonal quests are meant to be long term and semi-difficult to complete
  7. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Terrorism: Due to the extreme threat of players attacking Police HQs, posing a safety hazard to the citizens of Altis, Terrorism will now be a straight to jail offense at officer discretion. EarthQuakes: Officers may patrol EarthQuake sites, but must leave all items found at the epicenter alone. Illegal Vehicles: Lieutenants+ may now drive illegal vehicles to a secure location (ex. An HQ) to be seized. If the illegal vehicle is taken to a location other than a Police HQ the area must be deemed all clear prior to seizing. Civilian Vehicles: Any van which is positioned to compromise the security of an HQ (used to jump into an HQ) may be moved by an officer of any rank. The vehicle should be moved to a position nearby that does not threaten the HQs security. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy please contact a Captain.
  8. Yo, something has to be done to Improve Harvesting organs. Why is there such a long cooldown for Harvesting Organs, 15 minutes?? I think thats a bit crazy for something that gives you a large bounty and also a bit of work involved to harvest in the first place. For example the seasonal quest Michael Myers is harvest 650 organs. In order to complete that task you would of had to harvest an Organ every 15minutes for almost 170hrs of play time thats a bit crazy. not only that if you have no space in your Y inv the harvest just disappears and you dont get anything but a 15 minute cooldown can this be resolved Please Thanks.
  9. I'd like to become a floppy floppy floppy lobby lobby lobster
  10. Very good montage. Gamer girl Estelle gives this a plus 10.
  11. someone bought this shit sorry nigga
  12. FudgeR

    Gang Wars

    @Azeh @Mitch (IFRIT)
  13. About time those rats got Captain
  14. while we’re on topic, any cops wanna sell me some spike strips, hmu
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