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  3. @phoenix.https://imgur.com/a/ZPf5o5f how much can you afford
  4. I think something that exists should be placed here vs adding more stuff. ex: a cartel could move here every so often.
  5. Huh? How can you go from one post about people being spread out to far to agreeing to do something with this shit ghost hotel?
  6. I will agree that the area for the casino needs to be used for something.
  7. we dont need more money making methods in my opinion, we need more people in areas. ppl are too spread out. this would make seeing someone somewhere even less common which I am not a fan of.
  8. Bro, I bought so many things from you. Give me a cheaper price.
  9. Wait, I need a police hat. 10 police hats, 10 police uniforms
  10. Sure. Call me on the phone in game in 3 minutes.
  11. let's go i like Do you have a delivery service. Can it be delivered to my home?
  12. There are 8 classic Rangemaster Uniforms and 2 Gendermarie Uniforms. I will do $40k per Rangemaster Uniform and $20k per Gendermarie Uniform. Not even cops can get the Rangemaster Uniforms anymore, so they are extremely rare. That's $360k total.
  13. I'll take all the police uniforms. How much is it?
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