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  3. to be fair I only ping you with dev related shit rather than nonsense. Also hockey shit recently lol
  4. Ok, But im going to ask you to meet me half way. As a well respected member of the community who knows FIRST HAND that im approachable via discord or Teamspeak anytime, come to me in private and tell me im out of line instead of calling me a faggot on the forums?
  5. That's good to know and all, but we don't need that kind of behavior from a developer in a decent suggestion post. Make your banter more clear, instead of deterring the communities efforts to contribute to the server.
  6. Relax, Ebola pings me on discord all the time and I'm not allowed to banter back? White knight else where, Ebola can handle himself. The fact this post is still open should speak volumes to the fact that it is genuinely being considered as a suggestion by the Devs. Ebola has been fighting the fight for 4-5's, Ghost Hawks, invisible backpacks and numerous other things for years. Most of which has been added at this point. I commend him for being creative and coming up with an idea as to an actual use for the entity suit Mother fucker has me beat 70% of the time anyways
  7. MoLu.

    Changelog May

    I consulted on this issue on the 11th, and they told me that choosing a better governor would fix everything
  8. you like want to be in control so bad its funny shutting down suggestions before the community even gives feedback??? average underpaid developer 💀💀💀
  9. @Patato Jesus Christ you are such a faggot.
  10. https://gyazo.com/4caace1dbdbca4376437a280ef95409b
  11. How long was it originally? As of now its still a minute and 20 seconds.
  12. Yesterday
  13. ur being an asshole for no reason bro this guy has a fully detailed suggestion and ur being a fag like what is wrong with u good suggestion ebola dont let this retarded dev who is killing his own server tell u otherwise!
  14. the ones that voted against it are mostly Chinese, im willing to bet.
  15. The community has spoken after all.
  16. kick people off the server/ ban them for having a certain amount of ping for the love of god make that especially strict on dom. Also get rid of the chinese
  17. It takes 30 sec to become a medic. If someone doesn't have thr patience to do a 30 sec medic app then they're going to troll
  18. more rules? harsher punishments? protect people's feelings? who let biden voters in here?
  19. You guys suggest shit like this but when they do the temporary type events for this purges etc nobody shows up because really nobody cares except those who sit in city's all day and RDM anyways rule or no rule. Olympus has far more rules and they're better for it. We need more rules, harsher punishments for bans, and more RP. And we need to protect people's feelings and immersion at all cost. Just RDM and VDM people literally all day is going to make people especially new people quit like within an hour or less. The amount of time I see someone new join the server and just say yo this fuck is RDMing me non stop in town then instantly logging off was like a 10x a day, daily occurrence. This is altis life not call of duty. So both of you queers need to quit arguing and hug it out and embrace RP and stronger rules.
  20. This server is dog shit lets designate a day where there are no rules and see how that goes and lets designate another day to test what its like removing all the bums from admin and giving it to some kavala rats and transferring ownership. I think it will work
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