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  2. thank god ive been physically abusing my enter key for the past week when i try to get into the server.
  4. I'm sure there are people willing to set everything up on another map.
  5. Taylor Swift goes harder than that dog shit music
  6. If we can please convince you a second time to have it not be Altis... even having a smaller sized Stratis server would be more interesting. Tanoa was cool but understable as to why it wouldnt be done again
  7. stratis please altis is boring
  8. you're a retard, that remix goes hard
  9. Dragon is the best gang on asylum.
  10. had to choose the shittiest pop smoke song
  11. Send @Mr.Purple and I home to stratis where we belong.
  12. Today
  13. To be fair ive never heard of half of these servers. Im sure the name Asylum is well know throughout the Arma community which will bring people into the server. None of these servers are even a role play server and im only speaking for myself of course but I am more than willing to wait an extra week to see a refreshing map.
  14. why cant it be denied be positive sir.
  15. well sadly it would take a bit of time for dev work to be ported over to another map, and im trying to get this rolled out asap. I guess i would be more willing to attempt something else if the data supported it. But looking at arma servers in general people love altis and the numbers show for it.
  16. Isn't the whole premise of this server is that it MIGHT be temporary? If thats the case give the people what they want and make it a different map? I see where your coming from "what if it doesn't need to be shut down and stays up? Well I don't see many other popular life servers on a different map. Just my 2 cents but Altis is boring and we've been playing it for years.
  17. I thought about a lot of that too. Atlis is what we are going to do. There are plenty of stores and evidence to show people love the alt maps, but only for a short time. And another game is my goals but right now..people want to play arma and asylum.. this was a tough sell even for me. But here we are.
  18. Would be cool for the houses to be "rentable" for a week or something, with you not being able to rent the same house two times in a row. Would make it so people wouldn't lose too much when the server is down, while still giving people the ability to do meth/scotch. Would also help circulate the market so newer players aren't completely locked out.
  19. never spoke to you in my life
  20. Haha, I know, I was just making myself clear. No worries!
  21. he forgot to mention hes black and british
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