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  3. i have been waiting 3 months @TapirTot to hear all those inspirational and lovely conversations we had in the back of that car. why wont you give the people what they want. my balls are basically purple i have been refreshing ur page 3 times a day at every meal for almost 100 days
  4. Bambi will always be my favorite chinamen, but you are a gamer, sir!
  5. I sold the other ones I dont know how to delete a post
  6. So whos holding two of these houses you're selling.
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/kazem1_
  8. every single one of your pics is broken bro
  9. Upload your videos to an online platform then delete them off your PC once they're uploaded. Easy solution... Plus this all depends on the length of the ban or if the other player is busy with IRL stuff. Appeals are always welcome, not sure why we would ever close them and not give them the opportunity to defend themselves.
  10. I suggest setting a time limit for appeals after action is taken. Just like RDM, VDM, CL. When you report a person and the administrator takes action, there should be a time limit for the defendant or any participant who has a problem with the action. That would allow the plaintiff to keep the original video. On October 1, 2021, I reported the person. On October 2, 2021, the administrator closed my ticket and replied that I had taken action. On October 10, 2021, the administrator asked me to provide the original video of the action ticket. Since I saw that the administrator had taken action, I deleted the original video because it was too big and each video was 4.5 GB. When I couldn't provide the original video, the administrator said I was a false report, creating false evidence... I'm curious. Why didn't you say anything before you took action? Well, I don't want to talk. Bad luck to me. I suggest we set a time limit for appeals. Thank you. Otherwise, I'll only be able to keep each original video for a year. lol
  11. Allow us to request house repairs on gang buildings and whoever requests pays the fee? kinda shit when the Gang leaders not online we cant repair the gang house. Kthanks
  13. The only one I always get under :30 seconds time is Airfield 5 to Airfield 4, the shortest distance but barely enough time and that's after years of doing them on this same map. Otherwise the rest of them are fine, you should be able to hit 430 km/h going between them no problem. About 2.5km out from the landing strip, hard bank while holding your airbrake slows you down fast enough. Edit* Another trick I learned that's probably a bug or exploit (reported it but no answer for weeks so I guess its fine), if you go around 335 km/h at about 100m above the ground, hold shift, then press Y (keep your phone open), the plane will literally autopilot the direction you're facing. It will adjust altitude and keep your speed at 430 km/h. If you have a further drug runner location, you have enough time to take a couple minute walk while the plane flies itself to the location.
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