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  3. If you aren’t APD or DS don’t bother
  4. So if you do case 1, and someone offers a price higher than your set price, what happens? And with case 2, if the bid time ends, are you forced to sell to the highest bidder? What if people just want to see what people will offer for their house, where do they post? Don’t think this forum needs rules for this
  5. yeah i didnt hear about it till today been busy working and sleeping
  6. Both 3 craters are sold. Conjoined 2 crater and seperate 2 crater are still up for sale. They both have plenty of goodies inside for spirit distillery camping and processing. I can also probably lend keys to a garage right in abdera. 1300 barley in conjoined 2 crater w/ sui vest. 1500 barley and a bunch of mks with 180 mags in separate 2 crater.
  7. WTS Lakka Oil Pro shed Very good location Offer me
  8. yes it would. do it its 2021, if you do, then rant on IG that you were felt left out, and discriminated against then yes. yes you will Is it possible to try if you've been ban, like a lot. lol asking for a friend ) _ )
  9. Yesterday
  10. The selling of real estate on the forums should be restricted to either two options: Set price An auction with a clear starting bid and end time The point of these two formats are to eliminate listings for sellers just fishing for people to overpay.
  11. In Game Name:william Hours:45 Previous Gangs: (if any) voodo's china factory and aslans kebab shop Age: 45 APD rank:Captain
  12. https://discord.gg/7Dt8JYdz
  13. Acts like he can go to the rebel and buy some.
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