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  2. The problem is they weren't just used for solo pushing. People would load up dudes in a Quillin and drop people all around arms at rocks to cover for the Ifrit to slam window etc. Or they would ghost them in to flank people and even if they were seen they could jet off or just push with impenetrable doors lol.
  3. Let's see a trickshot that's not on your gangmate then
  4. fuckin amateurs i been spinnin on kids since 2016
  5. Today
  6. dudes a clown lol Plus didn't he join then leave a couple times?
  7. don't have the original video but here's a hatchback yeet 180 drop shot https://gyazo.com/0f8a0cee908297b10b546028d0b1ede2
  8. It's like getting bullied by a kid from the special needs class.
  9. this guy fawks forsure
  10. Can't forget that ifrits were over 100k each back then as well, though. Kind of part of the reason that no one pulled them.
  11. 20k for the quilin, 20-25k more to add doors as a vehicle mod
  12. I feel like I hear my voice in the background in every one of your videos lately, spooky.
  13. The price doesn't really seem to matter if it changes under 25k because most of the people who want the quilin back have been playing the server for more than 2 years and are financially stable. So 15k to me doesn't sound right to me anymore. What about the suggestion for being able to buy vehicles at rebel with bloodmoney??
  14. Whats wrong with Morgan? why lol?
  15. https://www.twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  16. I taught Rodrigo everything he knows.
  17. Someone buy that min pro shed?
  18. The "action taken" was what i thought would be a obvs joke. I guess not.
  19. Faze you said? i got that too, watch this 180 hatchback push into deerstand.
  20. We just got that faze mentality
  21. 15 k = 3 X hathbacks. I think that sound about right value wise. By At least some people slammed it seems normally u saw m driven around in circles for 30 mins till someone gets bored and yolos it .
  22. In Game Name: Evaluable Age: 17 Are you a member of the APD (rank): No Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: RDM 1D, Lifted. Any previous Gangs: PowerPuff Girls, Bamboo Union All Requirements met.
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