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  3. imagine thinking u "run" a 20 pop server... yikes
  4. i am looking for dorms 114 too if anyone got it
  5. Becouse it can fly? Orca is still superiour going into combat same with ifrit. Only difference is that you get a heli-jet that moves fast and has large storage
  6. This is precisely why they will not add it for this purpose, if they added it at all.
  7. Owner stopped showing a interrest then later stopped paying for it, so it went down. So is the Ifrit the only difference is that the Xi'an can fly about the same to rip it if you weaken the glass, Difference is it takes 20 min to move a hemit across the map while the Xi'an gets the job done in 5m pluss it is more fun flying and you won't have to fight every 30 seconds moving cargo
  8. isnt that what every gang does? or people camp rebels
  9. Djmon


    I really Miss fighting Gang Fort with you, Without you Lawless now wins 7v4's and flexes on the forums
  10. so let me get this straight Lawless wins fort in a ratty way by spawn killing, brag about it on the forums AND discord, then proceed to play like this? And they think they "run this server"? HAHAHAHA
  11. operatorjohnny^


    man panda. i remember talking to you like it was yesterday. we miss you, come back!
  12. someone get this man a burrito bowl with double protein asap
  13. Flex about winning a fight they outnumbered people in and then proceeds to lose to the APD. Keep it up guys!
  14. don't be fooled by the silly lawless post.
  15. Does anyone have room 216East Need it for quest
  16. watch out guys skimancole might use his admin power next time
  17. i miss orcas being flying tanks tbh, shit was so fuckin fun lol
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