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  3. pipe down before i ddos your life support old man
  4. How much cocaine can u buy with $1400 asking for a friend

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    2. BlackShot


      Tons if you live in Brazil.

    3. SafeMode


      u gonna get  robbed 

    4. william


      bunni got his first walmart paycheck

  5. Just delete this idiots account @Mitch (IFRIT)
  6. Brick Squad is a group of skilled players who fight for victory _______________ Requirements: -1500 Hours on Arma -Knowledge of game mechanics and cartels -Good taccoms -Financially stable -Mature (no drama) -Active __________________ Application Format: In-game name: Age: Previous gangs: Hours (Screenshot): Why do you want to join: Can anyone vouch for you: ________________________ Extra: If you wish to pm your application you may do so. If accepted you will be in trial for 3-7 days. _________ ___
  7. Breaking news, this is a fake story. He is fine, go outside.
  8. Bandit

    RIP Lorax

    Guess I'll never know what coptage 3 would've looked like
  9. Revenant

    RIP Lorax

    RIP it was just a few days ago he joined our teamspeak... gone too soon.
  10. Lucien

    RIP Lorax

    he was a good friend of mine, ill miss him dearly
  11. X   A   N   X

    RIP Lorax

    RIP my nigha @Lorax good guy
  12. Eduardo

    RIP Lorax

    Rest in peace, good friend
  13. Seán :)

    RIP Lorax

    Lorax was a good friend of mine, I just got the news today he died in a brutal car accident in Ontario. He was a good kid fun to talk to and a good student, he had a lot going for him and he will be missed dearly by the asylum community o7
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