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  2. Epic gamer move! Set me back a whole 45 min

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  4. I've never cringed so hard.
  5. couldn't even hold drug with 15 people on lol
  6. Young Walt asserting his dominance at bank. https://gyazo.com/2145234a017163c02f9f8b66da2cd7ea @Walt @BlackShot @Ethan Darrell
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  8. "Yeah should probably make a ticket for that"
  9. Dropping all your Y in prison sometimes gives you double everything when you get out. Cant revive people who die in heli pilot/copilot.
  10. Recruiting active NA more than welcome to give trials out PM me
  11. pretty nice 1st ever tage but I don`t see good futre for you sorry...
  12. @7empest https://gyazo.com/ec15bbfc674c0dc8cd71f32be128ba66
  13. Putting your hands up for longer than 20 seconds ends up in fps loss and when you die with a rocket in your tube it disappears
  14. i'd rather give my computer a bubble bath than deal with the shit the support has to go through
  15. Do something useful

  16. i remember pulling ppl out of helicopters in the sky, that shit was funny.
  18. Another important demo related animation bug is that this also occurs at the evidence locker. Not sure if this was reported yet, but bounty hunter mx mags have inconsistent pricing. Tracer Sands are $200, but khaki mags & sand lethals are $50 dollars. Was like this in v1 as awell.
  19. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/156-application-status-openlimited/
  20. Animations will not end at the correct time. I don't even buy demo charges when doing a fed anymore because I risk a 50% chance that once the channel ability is completed, my character's animation will not end and I'll just be standing still next to the door where the grenade at, casually still in the "planting" animation, before blowing up since I can't run away. This problem has also been known to occur when finishing revives, cancelling revives, or cancelling hacks/ demos. Repairs and bloodbags are somewhat more reliable, so I'm not sure what's different about those. EDIT: Also, I'm considering the fact that the server doesn't tell you when somebody logs into a rebel a fucking bug. It's so aids to completely sweep a rebel top to bottom only to have someone log in directly behind you while you're buying gear with no indication.
  21. Already as many bugs in this thread as unsolved bug reports. Good job guys.
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