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Mitch (IFRIT)

Player Report Reminder:

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Hello all,

As of late, there has been an influx in player reports that do not meet the minimum standard requirement for sufficient evidence.

The area we are seeing the most issue is the RDM area. The video has to at least 5 minutes prior to your death. A video showing you being killed at 4 minutes and 30 seconds with 30 seconds of you being on the re-spawn screen does not meet the sufficient evidence requirement. 


I suggest that you set your recording software to record at least 5 minutes and 30 seconds or 6 minutes. 


I hope this clears up some issues! 


Sufficient Evidence

This post is to inform everyone what is considered sufficient evidence by the admins.

Vehicular Death Match (VDM) - Roughly 10 seconds before the incident

Combat Logging (CL) - FULL Screenshot of a player being downed and immediately disconnecting, chat must be continuous to show timing. Multiple screenshots are allowed to facilitate this requirement.

Combat Logging (CL) - Video showing a player being engaged in role play and using ESC suicide or disconnecting to avoid interaction

Combat Logging (CL) - Video evidence of a player disconnecting after being killed and then immediately rejoining

Random Death Match (RDM) - Video evidence showing 5 minutes prior to the RDM (i.e, 5 minutes prior to your death)

Exploiting - Clear video evidence of an exploit happening

If you do not have sufficient evidence, you may still make a report to help support further reports on the player.

The admin staff have the right to refuse taking action on any report.

Your evidence must be high enough quality to read/see everything. If this is not the case the evidence is not sufficient.

If you report someone who has already compensated you for a situation, the reporting player is likely to be banned.

Reports MUST be filed within 72 hours of the incident.

We will no longer be taking 3rd party reports for Combat Log and VDM.


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