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Found 1 result

  1. As i am sure it has been said before, the cartels should get a buff as well as more information should be provided. Nobody is fighting cartels as much as the old days and it blows so here’s how i see could help bring it back. Provide more information about each cartel in the gang bank. I know it is easier said than done but what about adding another button under withdraw and deposit that says something like “Money Intake” or something like that where it shows all three of the cartels that bring money into the gang bank. Maybe something else that shows the last 10 cartel caps that also shows who was on cap, how long they were there/ held the cartel, as well as the money it took in. Even if this wasn’t added to your in game menus it would also be cool to see this on the new asylum stats page for the gang area. Ex: Drug Cartel - $50,000 - Held for 1 Hour(s) - Captured by [ zdeat - 20, Leroy Jenkins - 17, Hoodlum Priest - 8 ] ( Numbers at the end would mean the time they were on cap ) Something that could possibly help with more cartel fighting is increase the amount of money it takes in, while still taking away the current amount of money from a person selling something without a cartel ( if that makes sense ). These are just ideas what do you guys think?
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