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  1. Going to be selling this prime ratting house with all of the gear in it as well! Offer: 2m / Can negotiate message on discord "zdeat#2276" to offer! https://gyazo.com/9faed67d4e59632339e5d1b0c8022a93 [ Map ] https://gyazo.com/1734758244107bc5b548cd1ed2e1ebfb [ Front view ] https://gyazo.com/10b0c65fb3e331eae4b7b87f3674e256 [ Front view ] https://gyazo.com/10b7bb2c3606bb3c76d9fb52d152245b [ Back view ] If you remove the back wall, the big tree, and the other tree closer to the police HQ, you will have a better view! Inventory: https://gyazo.com/db726d3f3a7a802ccdde6de2aabcc719 Y https://gyazo.com/f5a83694f3fb64033ceccee217ee4b89 [ Guns ] https://gyazo.com/806a6a5f4e0582229a1e908a778bd585 [ Guns ] The MK200 in there is a special one All of the guns in the house have ammo for it. There is also around 6 different kits, CSATS and Carriers inside. I am well aware the price is high, that is what im offering, not wanting to go much lower. GL!
  2. i will fucking destroy you
  3. rank a's are bad :"( nah this is b+ and a- esea lmfaooo
  4. zdeat

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    Anon: zdeat zdeat taedz everyone else?
  5. Can confirm @bbgreg17 owns these!
  6. If you guys are interested join my discord "https://discord.gg/G3fUjFS" and post in a chat room what youd want to see on there, mods and stuff like that.
  7. Yo so im pretty good at coding in Minecraft lmfao, should I make a server for us and add things you guys would want?
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