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  1. youre insane dillon!
  2. in case you guys are wondering, swat is not in the APD to stop CEO from robbing the federal reserve, but to stop this madman from robbing all of Asylums gas stations. Nice escape kiddo
  3. this is what happens when you attend my SWAT trainings...
  4. wow please sign my steam profile you’re so good!
  5. 1m stinky
  6. these are cool asf wtf
  7. Thought about things to add in the my asylum page for cops: Total Tickets Given Total $ Amount of tickets given ( A 5k ticket and a 3k ticket would be a total of 8k ) Total $ Amount of Contraband Seized Total number of each item seized ( Coke, Meth, Scotch, Etc. ) Just to see.
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