[FSA] Aleec Spazeed retires as a hacker

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21 minutes ago, Wang Liqin said:

Not only is this one of the most pathetic comebacks you have possibly ever given, I'm really just not sure where the connection to anything is, I could link a few of your exploit bans and it would also be not relevant to how stupid your first comment was.

Well exploiting wouldn't be relevant to the combat logging conversation...  To which I was clarifying something.


You,however, just came in like the usual mindless Wang.


But- if we want to go in on the exploit thing we can do that in a separate thread @Wang Liqin.  Here is not the place.

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On 09/08/2018 at 10:11 PM, Alec-I said:

I have chosen to hand in my titles of hacker aimbot godmode captain back to asylum as my time is up and im now an old asylum man, this time it's my decision to leave not the ADMINS. I go out on my terms like Lightning mcqueen. 


rip :FeelsBadMan:

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