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  1. Hello Asylum , We believe that the Muslim population of asylum is being cast aside and suggest that we build a mosque at what is now know as by some locals as "cocaine processing" . The Free Syrian Army has been helping stop the drug epidemic at "cocaine processing" for many years and believe that we the FSA and the Free Muslim people of this island deserve a mosque to be built as a thank you . We plan to pay for this with tax payers money such as yourself . We also propose the new Muslim Utopia be named Battu Town . In Honour of our mighty prophet Bilal Battu . feel free to thank myself and all the FSA for the great work we have done over the years by supporting this thread , we accept gifts . Address below . Address : Town : "Cocaine Processing" - fini Post Code : SQ17 P58 House Name : All of them
  2. Allah came to me in a dream and said to tell you he's proud and to continue your work and you be rewarded with many virgins .
  3. noone likes lemmons . Only squeezed on my fish
  4. Hello I am a returning player from a couple of years ago playing casually . Suicide vests were 50k and then went up to 80k when I was playing, which I thought was fair . I have noticed they are now 250k along with other explosives being around the 200k mark . I do not think this is a fair price! I have heard only admins really buy them now . seems a bit much for the CHANCE to save your friends bounty ! or destroy a vehicle / house . I bought one and failed saving nv | rodrigo and felt like I just lost my life savings What's going on with that? just curious .
  5. I got your back willmong
  6. Nice video mate Think I might try something similar
  7. Hello Everyone , I would like to nominate myself, Aleec Spazeed as rebel council I believe I have what it takes to get the job done Syria believes in you .
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