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  1. I think hes doing just fine. Arma 3 as a whole is dwindling down. Has nothing to do with servers has everything to do with the fact its the same game since 2012. Sadly there's only about 4 or 5 total servers that are worth a damn to play on. In no particular order across the world.
  2. Its still here. Stability? New Content? Events? oh... and it's still around. Because if I didnt buy it, that shit was dead.
  3. So @Mitch (IFRIT)banned a cheater and gets a diss track about it? Was the same idiot he banned the guy who was spamming the server with an admin dox? Sounds like a real stand up guy, I hope his ban appeal works out for him. Rest in piss, faggot.
  4. But theres still people who pay $65/mo to cheat at it too.
  5. you do remember with V2 housing inventories quadrupled.... right?
  6. If that helps you sleep better at night. Just go with that.
  7. Oh no you definitely did, still have a log of it and everything from where you reside. Just know that I can hang you anytime I want to. So please step back in line sir.
  8. Actually you broke a law. its different. Been meaning to talk to you about that..
  9. I would ban most people just for breathing wrong.
  10. I actually spit out my coffee.
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