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  1. Asylum Community, It has come to my attention that most of you do not quite understand where your money goes when you choose to donate to Asylum. Whether its buying loot crates or donating directly to PayPal you help support Server costs Web Applications for Administration (BattleMetrics and other reporting tools) Web Addons for the forums (Ticketing system, Forum Themes, Addons, etc.) Development costs - additional support outside of our own (free) development Believe it or not, everyone on staff does this as a hobby! This server is what we choose to do in our spare time, you are not supporting our lifestyles, but simply - your game play. We have decided to give our player base some insight into when our donation goal is met for the month. We will have an active status bar for every donation made directly to Asylum. Once that goal is met, if we exceed that goal we will be able to actively add bonuses for everyone who plays on Asylum. At the end of the day, we do not function or play without your support. Onto immediate game play changes - Because of player population, and struggling new player base we have balanced a few things around the island to make your money and your time go further in game play. Starting immediately Gameplay Changes: We are dropping Cop slots to maximum 15 (to help balance civ to cop ratios) At any time 7 cops can be online. To achieve over 7 cops online, there must be at least 50 civilians online To achieve over 12 cops online, there must be at least 75 civilians online Anything over 75 civilians can have the max cop count on. ***** This is a temporary thing while we try to make sure our civilian to cop ratio is in check while we continue to operate the same size police force we had before across 2+ servers now on 1 server. While we understand this may mean sometimes there are no cop slots available, hopefully you pop on civilian to play for a while to help keep our counts high and get new players coming in. Having a full server has been quite beneficial to us the last few days as with a full server we can ensure that action is happening across the map. Market Changes Left the max discount available alone @ 20% off (any store) Made it so if the store is a non-market (virutal item store) the max discount off is 25% to help other talents be worth it Removed the infamy talent discounts (weren't in use due to no infamy) Added a **GLOBAL** discount of 15% (civilians only) at any market store (Not Virtual Items though) just gear Brand new players now start with $10,000 instead of $5,000 Lowered prices of common "Starter" Vehicles in a nutshell what does this mean? Cheaper load outs Cheaper vehicles (Beginner vehicles mainly [Box trucks, offroads, hatchbacks, etc... Large expensive vehicles were already reduced quite a bit on V2 launch]) Your money should hopefully last you longer... Things to look for very soon Return of the medic slot We are currently testing and adding in the new medic slot , so until that is launched our old medics will be in place. Enjoy now, soon you will have to be white listed to play it! Things to expect while playing our new white listed medic slots New talent tree Great more powerful support class Unique vehicles and new skins Ranking system and dedicated teamspeak channels Work closely with other factions of the community
  2. Pretty sure we're moving all court houses outside the city limits if we do implement it back.
  3. Well that's good to know. Dead? Some people are still having fun. Considering the fact that my "investment" is was already returned by February 2019 and I have never come out of pocket for anything, I guess you could consider this a hobby.
  4. Your opinions really went out the window sometime in 2015.
  5. That was their highest at the time. Other server was under 40.
  6. Thinking of limiting it to spar16, MX obtainable but illegal.
  7. October - I honestly believe that most people like it without Bounty Hunters.
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