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  1. I dont really care. Politics are shit.
  2. he was in the more recent bad blood... not 2014-2015
  3. I was showing from yesterday. Too busy to glance at a Monday. Anyway, why is there a thread about this we already talked about it. Well thats all we want is one server. No point in having two.
  4. No worries. I'm just glad you have aids in your butt.
  5. You were busy doing other stuff, that is in the mission file, that others will see later
  6. Good Evening Asylum Community Following @Jesse's post I would like to proudly present our community some content from our new contributor @GO7NEY and @Boon First up... Asydidas Track-suit. Look Stylish while ripping heads near the fed or just squatting with your slav brothers @Sijanec and @Cukofuko. Next UP - BAPE MTP Clothing Look menacing while capping arms... or just posted up in front of the DMV. Both items have matching backpacks so check those out! Both available at Rebel outpost clothing store RIGHT NOW! Next UP The Destruction Loot Crate Inside this loot crate you will have the chances to unlock the following Common Items Blue Assault Backpack Green Assault Backpack Orange Assault Backpack Purple Assault Backpack Red Assault Backpack Next up : Uncommon Items Hoonigan Hatchback Sport Asylum's own : Red Gull Hatchback Sport Dark Water Wetsuit Now... the bread and butter The Rare ones. Hyper Beast Ifrit and Rediimov Orca These items and all loot crate items are READY NOW in game! Get yours today! https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/5-destruction-keys/
  7. And there was 32 on Olympus. You're still special as fuck, how the fuck did you get out of modqueue? Back you go.
  8. Medic will dabble into Police Prestige, we have to rework Prestige to make medic worth having so those perks will change. Infamy will be reworked entirely overhauled, also certain perks will be applied to our new medic roles so those things have to change. Warrant wont be in until Bounty Hunter comes back, a lot of those things, scripts, intertwine. Let us launch medic (soon) and we'll talk about the rest.
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