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  1. Did... did you just screenshot what bitcoin is worth? I'm confused by your tactics.
  2. Hurry up, you're almost at 1,000 results!
  3. Breaks monetization rules since it was used in a loot crate for years now.
  4. Gonna need a flying Tempest in the background @Kelly
  5. Who's the fourth grader?
  6. This is why we use to lock these threads. Oh yeah, we can still lock them.
  7. You make such thought provoking posts. I have to hand it to you.
  8. The server cant stay up because of sore ass kids... it's not anyone else's doing.
  9. False. Cant put items that give an advantage behind a paywall. We tried a long time ago.
  10. Clint Beastwood


    Definitely Get RIDE of it
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