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  1. Shut up @Tony. you're adopted.
  2. Good luck guys. Solid choices.
  3. I mean they were that overt, at least they would admit it
  4. No. LOL. BAG STOP TRYING TO DEFEND YOURSELF, you literally called me that word while you were still banned on TS. Just stop. Doesnt count.
  5. I mean you may be able to get away with saying that to the average player, but, not me. I literally just watched a video of you saying it lmao.
  6. Didn't know using the n-word so profusely is considered "doing" so much for the community.
  7. You're still a faggot. All in good fun, and I would be surprised if you didnt.
  8. Gamers, Friends, and most of all supporters, I cannot thank everyone enough for the support you have given to me and my team over the past year. It has been a hell of a ride as a player, an admin and most of all an owner. First, none of this would be a success without the team of Administrators, Developers and Contributors. Hats off to them for their efforts in making my vision possible. I took a gamble early on - and you helped me deliver. Thank you guys. I set out a goal for Asylum when @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Jesseand I took over last year. My goals were simple, bring back the players, bring back stability and bring back the fun. I can safely say all three have been accomplished. It was not as easy as it sounds, we lost a lot of good people, we had a lot of long nights and we made some mistakes along the way. Our community is strong and stood by us through a lot and in the end I feel we were able to deliver a better Asylum experience. In the future, at least until Arma 3 dies, I hope we can keep delivering that fun. Now currently #1 in Arma 3 Life Servers and #3 ranked Arma server in the world. I think this point in time is a perfect time for me walk away from running the day to day operations on Asylum and let someone who can dedicate more time and focus on whats needed ahead. @Mitch (IFRIT) will be taking over starting tomorrow December 1st. I will be helping during the transition throughout December, but, all decisions will be his from here on out. I wish you all the best of luck, Clint
  9. Might as well help patch every Arma server known to mankind that has towers then. Because this has been a thing since 2014.
  10. Looks like youve learned your lesson.
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