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  1. Oh boy, I feel inclined to respond after all this is technically an ex-wife to me. You guys realize nothing has changed in 6 years this server has been around. Bans are still done the same way they were years ago. You guys get fucking KIDDIE glove bans compared to other servers or Asylum back in Paratus days. EVEN THEN - if you approached the situation as an adult, most likely the admin(s) would unban you. Ask some of the long time retards still running around - we've had people in high double digit bans over the span of 6 years. You think severity of the offense is a good argument? That's like saying "Oh good he only stabbed me, but, didn't kill me", or, "I slowed down for the red light at least before I ran it, I could have just kept going". You still broke the law. As far as the server "dieing" (dying btw), its the number 1 life server in the world still. It rivals KoTH which any retard with half a brain can go play- try fucking around on that server, they dont give a shit if you were trolling or actively trying to interfere with their players, you're fucking gone. At this point Asylum has been around longer than some MMO's and FPS lobbies. I can't even take a post serious that starts with this shit lol. The fact that people still play Arma 3 is nothing short of a miracle in itself. Arma 3 has been on life support since 2017. The community is what makes a server, and if you threaten that lively hood, you're gone. It's really that simple.
  2. Back in my day I would have just banned you at the firewall to prevent you from seeing Asylum....
  3. adolf beastwood im a big fan xx

  4. BACK IN MY DAY.... thats how we use to deal with them.
  5. Yeah because there were developers knocking down Bamf's door to save this place. Who the fuck are you anyway? https://gyazo.com/a3f4d25392268afd9f7802fdb7bbb4eb Oh nevermind. Welcome to the server, today marks your 5th month here!
  6. I think hes doing just fine. Arma 3 as a whole is dwindling down. Has nothing to do with servers has everything to do with the fact its the same game since 2012. Sadly there's only about 4 or 5 total servers that are worth a damn to play on. In no particular order across the world.
  7. Its still here. Stability? New Content? Events? oh... and it's still around. Because if I didnt buy it, that shit was dead.
  8. So @Mitch (IFRIT)banned a cheater and gets a diss track about it? Was the same idiot he banned the guy who was spamming the server with an admin dox? Sounds like a real stand up guy, I hope his ban appeal works out for him. Rest in piss, faggot.
  9. But theres still people who pay $65/mo to cheat at it too.
  10. you do remember with V2 housing inventories quadrupled.... right?
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