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Illegal Areas, Federal Events, and Gang Fights


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Illegal Areas

Altis Fire Department members are to avoid illegal areas while on patrol. The only time an AFD member is allowed to enter an illegal area is when they receive a !311 text alert or a Medical Ping

The following are considered illegal areas that are (off-limits, unless requested by !311 or the Police):

  • Drug Fields
  • Drug Processing Locations
  • Drug Runners
  • Wong's Food and Liquor
  • Drug Dealers
  • Chop Shops
  • Distillery
  • Black Markets
  • Cartels (Uncontested)
  • Rebel Outposts / Aircraft Carrier
  • Plane Crashes
  • Uranium / Nuclear Power Plant (A-EMT+)
  • LSD Sheet Factory (A-EMT+)
  • Dark Fungi Den (A-EMT+)
  • UFO Crash Site (A-EMT+)
  • Rebel Airdrop (A-EMT+)

When responding to medic requests in illegal areas, revive and heal as necessary but leave as soon as possible to avoid bringing unwanted attention to the people you help. 

Federal Events 

Only 2 medics are allowed to go to federal events, and you have unlimited lives. One medic helps the rebels while one helps the cops. If you are attending a federal event, you must be in the incident command channel or the appropriate cop channel (if you are helping the cops). Medics are prohibited from assisting gangmates/affiliates at federal events.

Medics at federal events will now be allowed to help the other side (rebel/cop) if their primary side becomes hostile to them. 

Example: You show up to an active bank robbery and decide to help the police. The police actively try to lethal you. You would now be allowed to help the rebels instead despite there being another medic helping them. This means that there could potentially be 2 medics helping one side. This will work both ways.

Note: You may not switch to the rebel side if your gang/affiliates are doing the event.

If you switch sides, you may not switch back for the remainder of the federal event.

Altis Shipping Robbery

Medics will no longer use the Incident Command channel when responding to the Altis Shipping. All medics may respond and will have an infinite number of lives. Any medic may use armor if authorized by a paramedic+. You are to remain neutral during this event and not choose a particular side. Helping gangmates/affiliates is still prohibited.

Federal Event Armor

Paramedic+ can bring a total of two armored vehicles to federal events. If the paramedic helping one side has one, the one helping the other can have one as well.

If it is a paramedic helping Rebel/Cop and there is a lower ranking member attending the federal event as well, the paramedic has an option to hand a strider to the lower ranking member for the duration of an ACTIVE Federal Event.

Rebel Air Drops

Medics rank AEMT+ may enter rebel airdrops if they receive a !311 or revive request.

Plane Crashes

All medics may respond to calls in Plane Crashes as long as they receive a !311 or revive request.

Cartel Fights

AFD members are prohibited from entering contested cartels (Keep 1km distance from all active cartels). If you are kidnapped and brought into a cartel, you are not allowed to revive anyone. 

If you're at any cartel or federal event, you are not allowed to revive gangmates or known affiliates at all.

Gang Turfs

AFD members are allowed in gang turfs when they are not contested. Once a gang turf is contested, each medic is allowed to enter and give one life if they receive a !311 or revive request. You may not assist gangmates/affiliates at all.

Aircraft Carrier

The Aircraft Carrier is to be treated the same as rebel outposts. You may enter with a !311 or revive request.

Gang Fortress

Medics are prohibited from entering the gang fortress when it is contested during designated times.

Purge Event

Medics of all ranks are prohibited from entering the purge event zone for any reason

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