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APD Convoy Event 09/22/2023


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APD Convoy Event

The Event Team will be hosting a APD Convoy Event Friday (09/22/2023) at 7PM CST on Server 1. To join the event you will simply just show up and fight with a group. You cannot have more then 15 people in a civilian group, this is to prevent civs from all joining together against the cops.

How the Event will work:

The APD will start at a unknown location and be transporting evidence to another unknown location. These locations will be announced as the event goes on. There will be a max of 20 officers able to attend this event. Officers will be able to use any gear at there rank and all officers must use lethals at all times. The objective for officers is to protect the hemmit that is filled with evidence and get it from Point A to Point B. Civilians/Rebels objective is to steal the truck and drive it to the nearest Rebel outpost. Whoever the winning group is will receive a payout of $1-$3 mil depending on how many people turn up to the event.  The truck will be a KOS zone anyone found around the truck for up to 500m can be shot by anyone.

(Note: Anything above is subject to change by the Event Coordinators to help even out the fight)


(Any rules broken will result in being admin jailed or a Event Disruption Ban)

  1. No explosives are to be used on the convoy truck, they are allowed to be used on other vehicles though.
  2. You cannot purposely blow up the transport vehicle or destroy it by using any method. (Watering, shooting with armed vehicle, etc..)
  3. All officers must use lethals at all times, cadets may down but cannot restrain. They must either have a Constable+ come shoot the guy or they must leave them.
  4. Officers are not to seize any vehicles or disarm any civilians/rebels during the event. 
  5. Medics are allowed to attend but cannot chose a side they must help everyone there. As a medic you must wait till combat is over in that area before you revive.
  6. You cannot kill medics unless they are reviving a guy that you have told them not to revive. (Do not body camp)
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