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  1. Things can always change going forward but this is to keep from one person buying up 5 prime houses early into a wipe.
  2. Asylum Events This afternoon the Asylum Staff team will be hosting two events. One being a Cartel Capture Event and the other being a APD Convoy. The Cartel Capture Event will be starting at 6PM EST and the APD Convoy will be hosted after around 7:15PM EST. Details regarding each event are posted below: Cartel Capture Event How it will work: Any group with a max of 10 players is able to fight. One cartel will be chosen and fought over for 1 hour. After the 1 hour mark whoever captures the cartel to 100% wins. Rules: Explosives are allowed No ifrits can be stolen and taken to chop shop or shedded. Ifrits can be stolen to use in the fight. No bounty hunters will be allowed on arms island or in therisa during the event. Arms Rebel will be a safe zone and no fighting will be allowed. Payouts: Winner: $3 mill and 2 gang ifrits Anyone that attends will also receive 200k , you will only receive this money if you fight the whole time. Note: Staff reserve the right to decide who and who doesn’t get a payout. This event is for people to come fight not for someone to sit on 1k shorting at people to just get a payout. APD Convoy Event How it will work: The APD have made a huge drug bust against Hugo and Ivan and are moving the evidence to a secure location. The HQ where the drugs are currently located at and the secure location they are going to are unknown. Before the officers leave they are required to notify all civilians per the governor’s orders. Intercept the convoy, steal the truck and deliver the drugs to Hugo and Ivan. Rules: No Explosives Vehicles cannot be stolen except to be used in the fight over the truck No chopping vehicles or shedding Cops are lethals only No bounty hunters allowed to fight Payouts: Whoever delivers the truck will get $3 mill split between all of them. If cops do not win each cop is given $150k for attending Each group above 5 players that attends will be given 500k to split up between them.
  3. This isn't possible without modding S1 which wont happen.
  4. .Nathan

    Changelog May

    Good shit boys
  5. Yea Ik I had to sweet talk fitz, gave him a little treat.
  6. .Nathan


    I’m guessing this post is because dom doesn’t make enough money. I think this goes back to my response on this thread below. If gear sets were lowered a little bit this would increase profits on dom and would probably helps with this. With that being said I do not know the actual numbers on this far as how much people are losing or making.
  7. I think the change is pretty simple, take your average everyday items like vehicles and gear sets and make them cheaper to make it where people will actually go and fight stuff. This is one of the biggest reasons gang v gang fights are dead asf is because let’s say you got push OG arms with an ifrit let’s say your kit is 30k and your ifrit after upgrades and taxes is gonna be roughly around 150k you die the you respawn re gear and push again with another ifrit. Keep in mind this is only 2 life’s at a cartel when back in the day you had people putting multiple life’s at cartel each fight. If you die twice and lose both of those ifrits you are now down roughly 360k give or take. That is insane to me and that has just killed fights period. No one can afford to get on the server and have a couple fun fights. (Note: this is not a bash anyway on devs, economy is one of the hardest things to keep in check on a server and have a good balance. Like someone said above the passive money making went on to long and the fix was to absolutely sink the economy for a little.) Now some people say we should just increase money making I disagree because you still have to have a balanced economy when it comes to the more end game gear and stuff like real-estate, explosives, etc. I think far as how much money specific things make will take some digging in numbers but a simple fix for what most people have a problem with is to lower the prices of helis, gear sets and almost all vehicles.
  8. Here’s the problem CTRG just does not fit into asylum at the current moment. Just for a little context me a Ahmed had a conversation regarding this on cop yesterday so I’m gonna state some of those points here. Ahmed’s point is to add content to the server and create balance. So first I’m gonna hit on the content part, by adding this, only a very small subset of the community actually get access to this content and it would take an extreme amount of development, testing and texturing stuff to get this faction up in running not counting all of the SOPs that have to be made, access to whitelisting and so on. Simply put it’s just not a thing worth for devs to spend time developing atm IMO. Now regarding balance, as some people stated above everything is pretty balanced as it is. If gangs need more people they will just group up and fight as that already happens, if cops need help then they ping SWAT certified and higher ups and they get on 99% of the time. There is already enough balance with things like the ghost hawk that rarely gets used but is still there in extreme situations and with the power that captains have to hand out Mk 1s if needed. So far as balancing this won’t accomplish anything. Now my biggest concern that I brought up yesterday was that everyone is gonna complain that it’s just crimson in CTRG. This 100% would be a problem cannot lie to you. If you look at any server that CTRG is on it becomes a friend circle of all the best players and that is exactly what would happen here. This would turn into a complete nightmare for the community and I think would actually start pushing gangs and cops off the server. All and all I just simply don’t think CTRG has any spot in our community there is already plenty of balance atm. I think it would be more useful for the community for devs to spend time on other suggestions that creates content for a wider range of community members.
  9. Lmao I made this exact comment yesterday and I’m a leader of crimson 😂
  10. Bullet proof tree go crazyyyyyyyyyy
  12. I believe passive healing is stopped while on the sickness
  13. There is nothing we can do about that besides deleting the buildings and completely changing every cap that has those. Once they are short through you can see through them anymore anyways. Usually doesn’t take long.
  14. Like @Djmon’s forehead
  15. .Nathan

    Dom Fixes

    The more people helping the better even if it’s making caps in the VR mode of Eden editor. Re doing all of the maps can take a lot of work and with only one person making caps they caps could be come very repetitive.
  16. I think it’s simple, you screw up and fall in then you use the let out on the middle of the bridge and if you die then you respawn if you make it in the water then you live. Any other option makes it to OP or could cause issues.
  17. 5 mins is nothing it will take that long to sale, another problem is storing them in the house. This seems funny and cool but it would just turn into a grief fest or made so hard to do it is never used and we wasted dev time. I just feel like there a better suggestions and things for devs to be spending there time on instead of this.
  18. I feel like this will just be a money printer and a way for people to grief others.
  19. .Nathan

    Weapon Sway

    Right now I think weapon sway may be a little to strong. Ive heard the argument against it being that it takes skill to deal with high sway which I disagree with because the weapon sway just makes people wanna play sniper elite and makes the more aggressive player be put at a disadvantage. I dont think it should be lowered to Olympus levels as I think thats a little to low but I think as is its just a little to high.
  20. 100% would thats why it would be fun
  21. No shot How about making bets like if I kill 5 people this life I make 200k if I die I lose 200k big brain
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